666 Park Avenue Sneak Peeks: Henry is in Danger


Henry’s life is in danger in tonight’s all new episode of 666 Park Avenue.  First, he learns that Gavin is under investigation by Henry’s office for his real estate practices.  This discovery leads Henry to choose between his boss/job and his friendship with Gavin.  Later, Nona has an alarming vision of Henry’s future.  She tells Jane, who seems disbelieving about the unexpected warning.  Will Jane be able to save him from the man who wants to kill him?

Jane is also tasked by Olivia with getting rid of The Drake’s thief after one of Olivia’s brooches goes missing.  When she learns the identity of the thief, she too has a tough decision to make.  Jane is also visited by the little girl’s ghost, who gives her a warning about the mysterious suitcase that she found in last week’s episode.

Finally, Annie goes to Gavin and begs for help after “Kandinksy” (the man she wrote into existence) pops into her life and causes danger.  Gavin, of course, offers up a dangerous solution.  Will Annie be forced to take it?

Don’t miss an all new episode of 666 Park Avenue at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.



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