80-Year-Old Skyrim Diehard Shirley Curry and Her 100,000+ Subscriber Youtube Page

Who says that you have to stop loving video games or more to the point Skyrim at the age of 80?  Clearly Virginia based grandmother Shirley Curry doesn’t.   The 80-year-old Skyrim fanatic currently has a Youtube page that just hit over 100,000 subscribers and she received the coveted Silver Play Button from the video sharing giant.

Skyrim: Special Edition quickly became one of the most popular games on Steam over the weekend and since Curry has established herself as a channel for older gamers and Skyrim fans, it made sense that she would return to Skyrim.

Curry currently has 300 videos dedicated to her Skyrim hobby.   Curry, who refers to listeners in her videos as “grandkids”, has started a new series for Skyrim Special Edition (below). Her videos already gained a following for their calming, almost meditative quality.

She’s kind of like a Bob Ross but for the Skyrim world.

H/T Kotaku

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