90210 2.10 “To Thine Own Self Be True” Recap

90210Last night, we said goodbye to a beloved BH 90210 alum. Plus, Jasper officially landed on my Ish List by becoming 90210’s answer to Oliver from The O.C.

Jackie Taylor, “Perfect Mom”

Silver freaks out as they take Jackie into the hospital. When Kelly comes, they find out that Jackie is not long for this world and when asked to see her, Silver accepts while Kelly stays behind. Later at home, Kelly pampers Silver, who stayed at the hospital with Jackie, but Silver doesn’t want pampering. She wants Kelly to come visit Jackie before it’s too late. Kelly doesn’t want to budge, because of all the bad baggage between her and her mother. Silver tells Kelly that she will have to let bygones be bygones or she will be haunted for it. Kelly still isn’t going for it.

Later when Kelly stops by to pick up Silver, she sees that Jackie’s room has been cleared out. The realization hits and it sends Kelly to the ground. While Kelly cries, Silver shows up and Kelly tells her that she was right. She should’ve said goodbye. Silver reveals that Jackie is actually in a private room and that Kelly still has a chance to reconnect.

We finally see Jackie and the scene is emotional. Jackie tells Kelly that she is damn glad Kelly didn’t turn out like every other Beverly Hills brat. She goes on to say how proud she is of that and how Kelly raised Silver. Kelly tearfully says that she forgives Jackie. Sniff, sniff… Then while holding a sleeping Jackie’s hands, Silver and Kelly (and the world) witness Jackie Taylor take her last breath.

R.I.P. Jackie Taylor…

Ryan Matthews and Jen… Why?

Ryan Matthews and the Monster From Hell Jen plan to go to a fundraising event and Ryan Matthews is so uncomfortable that I have no sympathy for him not speaking out like he does with his students and Harry at school.Jen notices and he (meekly) begs for Jen to go to more of his events, like camping. She thinks it over and “accepts”. HA! Jen shows up with a crap load of stuff to take camping with them, stuff that requires plugs and unless there are trees that house three prong sockets, they are completely useless. Ryan Matthers talks sense into Jen and the two leave. When the couple arrive at their campsite, I wonder why Jen is dressed as if she is in Aspen, Colorado and not Southern California. Is it not too hot for suede boots in the woods? Their love nest is cut short when it begins to rain, something that Ryan “forgot” to check.

After packing all their stuff up on his own, Ryan Matthews finally lets loose on Jen and tells her how he feels about attending her events and how he puts up with it, because he likes her. Jen claims that she didn’t know and Ryan tells her that it would be dangerous for them to leave now so they have to wait till the rain lets up.

Navid Is Not Adrianna’s Axis No More/The Plan

Naomi approaches Navid about joining the West Beverly Blaze, which he reluctantly accepts. Then he reveals that Adrianna is back on drugs. Naomi confronts Adrianna who flat out lies/denies the scoop.

Adrianna confronts Navid about telling Naomi that she was using again. Navid claims that he saw her get drugs from Jasper, but Adrianna wants to know why the sudden concern. Navid says that she started using because of him, because one minute she is on the verge of ending her life and the other minute she is one of the girls again. Adrianna says that she is fine and that it didn’t have anything to do with Navid and that he wasn’t that hard to get over, which means that she never loved him. Navid SOOO walked into that one…

Meanwhile, the guys and Ivy all try to come up with a plan for taking down Jen. These plans range from the ridiculous (Dixon wants to take Ivy’s voice and manipulate it in a studio to sound like Jen’s) to the down right inane (Navid feels like Liam should “seduce” Jen and then get her to confess while Naomi stands in the corner listening). Fellas, leave all plans to Teddy for the time being…

‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?’ Meets ‘Psycho’

At the Wilson house, Dixon is still acting like a snot and Annie has a new lease on life, that is actually a leash, but who’s paying attention, huh? Debbie and HArry ask what brings rosy Annie back and she tells them about Jasper and ask if he can come to dinner. They happily accept and Annie runs upstairs and tells Jasper who spent the night. This should be interesing…

While prepping for dinner with Jasper, Dixon comes out with an attitude and I want to knock him on his ass. Annie wants to know what his deal is and he claims that he doesn’t want to hang around weirdo Jasper, which Annie counters with Sasha’s age and unstable mind. Dixon gets pissed and reveals what Navid told him about Jasper being a drug dealer. This stuns Harry and Debbie, but they don’t have time to react cause Jasper is at the door.

The Q&A is awkward, especially when Debbie and Harry pry about Jasper’s social life. Annie blows a gasket and looses her damn mind as she snaps at how ignorant the students of West Beverly are. While Debbie and Harry are unsuccessful at calming down Annie, Jasper is. But in a way that clearly shows Debbie and Harry that Jasper has a hold on Annie’s mind so tight that he has strangled any sense from it. While Debbie and Harry go set plates, Jasper senses the discomfort from the parentals and Annie says that it may have something to do with that drug dealer rumor. Instead of letting it slide (because Debbie and Harry did it seemed), Jasper creepily “reassures the parentals” that he is not a drug dealer. Just someone who loves Annie a lot.

But it’s not enough for Debbie and Harry to buy it, because after dinner ends and Jasper’s gone, they forbid Annie from seeing Jasper. But Dracula’s bride won’t have this! She immediately reports to the Prince of Darkness, who tells her what’s done is done and she should just chill. But he throws his phone across the room in a fit of rage. Practice what you preach, bruh…

Naomi Does Truth For Once

Naomi hangs out with Jamie, blowing off helping the Blaze in the process. But then Richard and Richard’s mother, the Dean of Admissions, stop by. The Dean notices Naomi with Jamie and calls Naomi out on snuggling up with her son’s roommate . Classy… Jamie later doesn’t understand why Naomi is so upset that the Dean showed up. Naomi dodges the question, but finally reveals her scheme. Jamie is appalled and tells Naomi how much Richard beat himself up over losing Naomi. When Naomi displays how sorry she is, Jamie dumps her on the spot. HI-YO!!!!

Naomi goes to apologize to Richard and tells him the truth and he doesn’t take it lightly. Later, Naomi goes to help Navid move boxes for The Blaze and she bumps into Liam, who injures his hand. Naomi tends to Liam’s hand and Liam apologizes for hurting Naomi and he says it in such a way that she actually listens. After the day is over, Naomi finds Jamie outside waiting for her and he says that he is so proud of her for sincerely coming clean with Richard that he revokes the breakup and wants to start anew with her. Naomi tells Jamie while all that is fine and dandy, she in truth actually is still hung up over someone else and that she needs to admit it before moving on. I think I see where next week is heading…


– Naomi stops by unannounced to visit Adrianna who tries to hide a bottle of pills from her. Naomi is pissed when she finds out that Adrianna lied to her and she tells Adrianna that she is through with the B.S. and leaves. This prompts Adrianna to pop a few. Damn…

– Ryan Matthews awakes in his car to find that not only has it stopped raining, but that Jen has organized their campsite. Um, Jen has a heart now? She tells Ryan that she doesn’t believe in “relationship cliches” and that knowing her might end their relationship. She comes clean about leeching off of Naomi and that she blew all her money to fight her husband in divorce. Hmmm… Now, I don’t know if Jen is lying or not. You just don’t know with her but Ryan buys it and I smell ugliness next week when the Liam/Jen lie hits the fan.

– Oh and Jasper pushes Navid down a flight of stairs, because he’s freaking PSYCHO!!!!!! Problem is that Navid only caught a glimpse of Jasper’s boots and not his face. Wonder how long they will take to drag this one out?


– Dixon really needs to figure out if he wants to be a Wilson or not. Not saying that Debbie and Harry should set him up for readoption, but something needs to be done. Maybe a kick in the ass?

– Speaking of Dixon… DJ Mr. Big Dix?!??! Really?!?!!?!

– Jasper needs to be put down immediately. Like last week immediately.

– The one big issue I had this week was the screen time we got for Jackie Taylor’s death. While Jen and Ryan Matthews got too much play this week, I thought they could have spent more time on an iconic 90210 character than on people who probably won’t make it to the core casts college years. While we got a proper goodbye scene, the episode could have featured more Kelly/Jackie interaction. I’m just saying.

See you all in December!

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