Five 90s Comedies That Held Up with Time and are Still Funny Today

It’s already been seen how some comedies don’t really hold up against the test of time or even public opinion. Yet as Amy Skorheim of GearMoose might say this was one of the best decades for comedy that we’ve seen in a long time as it became edgy and introduced certain thematic elements that just weren’t thought of in decades prior and were rarely ever seen. Those of us that remember growing up in this decade might agree with Christopher McKittrick from ThoughtCo. that over the years some of these movies have been considered absolute gold even if they weren’t thought to be all that special in their own time. With that being said it’s kind of fun to think that the movies we enjoyed in the 90s are still remembered to this day and that some of them even paved the way for the movies we’re getting now and have seen in the past decade or so. Even if the idea of said movies is kind of tired one can at least look back with some pride and say that the 90s helped to usher in a lot of new voices and ideas that weren’t always popular but at least changed up the game a bit.

Here are a few comedies from the 90s that are still funny today.

5. Dumb and Dumber

Quite honestly this was one of the dumbest movies that has ever been put on the big screen and yet, YET, that’s the biggest reason that it was so good. This was Jim Carrey at the peak of his comedic prowess when he could seemingly do no wrong, before he became a political-minded painter and before his sense of humor went almost entirely flat. Since then he’s expanded as an actor and taken on new projects, while Jeff Daniels has almost always been a multi-faceted talent. One has to wonder though why they bothered coming back for Dumb and Dumber Too since it was a no-go from the start.

4. The Big Lebowski

“The Dude abides.” There’s just something so zen about that saying that it seems to encapsulate this movie perfectly. It was one of the odder comedies since you really had to get into it to really understand it. But if you got the point that the Dude was being drawn into a plot when all he was trying to do was live his life in the most low-key way that he knew how to do, then you got the main point. That being said the fact that this became a cult classic isn’t hard to figure out since it was funny in many areas and gave a nice break in-between as the story moved along from one part to another.

3. Something About Mary

Something About Mary was a series of gross-outs for the most part since it seemed to bank on just what could get the audience to squirm in their seats, shout in disgust, and laugh all at the same time. I’ll admit it, I did a lot of that in the theater when I went to see it and enjoyed the movie immensely. In fact even today it seems that a lot of this stuff is still hilarious since despite the fact that it does still belong in the 90s, along with Brett Favre, it works on a level that seems to bring back a sort of goofy innocence that had just enough edge to be considered adult content and just enough camp to be thought of as funny.

2. Office Space

Oh to be an office worker and truly understand this movie on a basic and visceral level….nope. In some way a lot of us can relate to this movie in our own lives because let’s face it, there are plenty of people that don’t want to zone out and pretend as though they like their job. But from the cast to the plot to the twists that come along this movie is still a classic since it embodies the ideas of the working individual so well that it makes us realize that we’re not meant to live to work, we’re meant to work to live. Plus, we’ve all had bosses we don’t like at one point or another in our lives, right? Right?

1. Tommy Boy

In the 90s these two were comedy gold. When it came to comedy there was no one that could touch Spade and Farley since the two of them existed on a level that allowed them to react to each other in a way that was simply uncanny. From the jokes to the insults to the way they looked at one another this was a movie that kind of set the bar for a lot of other comedies that came after. Today it’s still popular since a lot of us want to remember Farley at his best and Spade, well, still at his best since he hasn’t done a lot that’s noteworthy (on his own) ever since. No disrespect to David Spade, he’s still funny, but with Farley he was absolutely perfect.

Yes, the comedies from the past still hold up today, unless someone decides to get offended by a joke.

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