A Black-Ish Spinoff “Old-Ish” Will Happen on ABC with Laurence Fishburne

Obviously the success of Black-ish has been great enough that a third spinoff is now in the mix as Old-ish will be coming soon enough with Laurence Fishburne helping to head up the show and showcase another different aspect of life as Earl and Ruby will be making another go at their relationship as the series kicks off. Those that have been following Black-ish and its other spinoff shows, Mixed-ish and Grown-ish, will likely find this another endearing story that could last for a while since the characters they enjoy are coming back for another round and will be showing yet another part of life that we all have to deal with at some point. It is kind of interesting to think of how far this idea is really going to go since, at some point, too many spinoffs can help to weaken the core idea or leave it behind entirely. So far there doesn’t appear to be any danger of this since people have continued to follow the story and are definitely behind the family as they continue to grow and share their experiences with the audience. How long these shows will last is anyone’s guess at this point but it does sound as though things are going to continue forward for a while to come since the audience has been enjoying the story so far.

When it comes to spinoffs though it might be best to temper the need to come up with too many since there are several aspects of life that people could enjoy seeing as the shows go on to speak of the many different experiences of the characters, but it’s also wise to think that there is such a thing as overkill considering that so many aspects tend to flow into each other at some point. From a cultural standpoint though it does feel as though Black-ish and its spinoffs have touched upon something that many people that watch would agree is important when it comes to representation of their subjects in the current era. TV shows have changed quite a bit in the last few decades as society has been changing and the idea of creating a wider and more reasonable level of representation for many people that might have been marginalized or otherwise depicted in a very stereotypical fashion back in the day. As of now, many shows have taken to telling the stories that will grant a lot of people and entire cultures the kind of dignity that they deserve, and in a way that makes it clear that their experiences and lives are often seen to enrich and even enliven those around them. In a big way, this development has managed to change the way show business works and how the stories of so many different people are received for the better.

Quite often when it’s seen on a TV show, the case of the elderly and even those that are still leaning into their older years tends to be viewed with a great deal of comedy and/or drama depending on the story and how each individual is represented. While there’s nothing truly terrible about this, it’s also a wise move to think about showing how the everyday life of an aging citizen can go and what drives them, what motivates them, and how their average day tends to go. Going even deeper into elderly POC’s gives another distinctive look at a group of individuals that can likely remember a very different America when they were young. These individuals might have very different experiences based on where they’re from, how their lives turned out, and how their thought processes were shaped by what they saw and went through, but it brings a wide and varied perspective to the screen that can possibly expand upon the ideas that Black-ish started a while back. In this manner, the shows have been keeping audiences happy by being able to give them what they want and provide quality entertainment that a lot of people have found to be more than a little valuable. How Old-ish will turn out is anyone’s guess at this point, but given how much the other shows have been appealing to the audience it’s very likely that it will do just fine and could be around for some time to come.

TV shows that feature different facets of life and focus on one thing after another have been popular for some time now and the idea that they’re teaching, guiding and showing instead of simply entertaining has become one of the many reasons why people have responded in such a positive way to so many of them. While they’re solely for entertainment most times, such shows can still go a long way towards teaching many people what it’s like to be human in many different ways.

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