A Darkseid Limited Series is Reportedly Being Discussed At HBO Max

Let’s keep this straight, a Darkseid limited series is being DISCUSSED. It’s not a foregone conclusion yet, though a lot of DC fans might hope it becomes that way eventually since the ruler of Apokolips getting his own story would be something that a lot of people would love to see. It already sounds like this would be an origin story, but whether or not the idea of bringing Zack Snyder back would be discussed is something that appears to be a sticking point. The inclusion of Darkseid in the Snyder Cut of the Justice League has sparked the imagination of a lot of people and it’s not hard to see why since the villain’s appearance took the movie in a very different direction and raised the stakes in a way that makes it clear that this could happen to help push the Justice League forward. But it’s also looking as though this might be another ploy on DC’s part to try and keep up with the MCU once again, since the mention of Loki coming out kind of indicates that DC is looking for a way to introduce one of their greatest villains from a different perspective.

It’s likely that DC would deny that trying to keep up with their competitor, especially since their plan has apparently been to do their own thing without worrying over what Marvel is doing. But bringing Darkseid into the mix feels like something that should have already happened a while ago. But this comes back to the same old tired argument that if the DCEU had been built up gradually, movie by movie, before rushing forward to churn out the Justice League, then the Snyder Cut wouldn’t have been necessary, and the timeline of the movies would have been easier to manage. Instead, DC now has a group of movies that aren’t really connected that well, if at all, and a villain that has been introduced and is now desired as a part of the canon even though this might anger a good part of the fanbase since there’s no real desire to keep the Snyderverse going.

Can anyone else agree that DC is kind of a barely controlled mess at this point with only the TV shows and animated movies creating any stability? Even those have managed to become a bit difficult at times, but they’ve shown the type of success that’s easier to sustain than the movies have, and as of now the mere fact that we have the Snyder Cut and that DC hasn’t bothered to keep connecting its movies that much is enough to have lost at least a little bit of faith in their ability to keep their own stories straight. The movies and shows that have been released and actually been successful, which includes most of them, have been great, but they don’t always feel as though they belong to the same universe, which is kind of difficult to get behind. Darkseid is such an overwhelming villain that one might think that building up to his appearance would have taken up a great deal of the DCEU’s first few movies, but obviously, that wasn’t the plan.

So be it then, things happen in a way that people don’t expect and might not agree with, but can’t change. But the fact is that if Darkseid does get his own limited series and this doesn’t bring Snyder back, a lot of fans are going to let the people in charge hear about it. If there’s one thing that can be counted on, it’s that fans will voice their displeasure whenever they can, and whenever they feel it’s warranted. It’s not always that effective really since there are still enough fans that are willing to complain while they watch and vice versa, but the likelihood that anyone is going to listen isn’t that great no matter that the Snyder Cut did get made. If Darkseid does manage to get a limited series it’s very likely that Snyder might not be consulted and he won’t be brought in, but it could also mean that a very different story might be told.

It’s times like this that one has to wonder why certain folks can’t work together when it comes to collaborating on a project that might push the idea forward in a way that would be even more impressive. But that appears to be another part of show business that stymies creativity and the desire to see things as they could be, since trying to get those that are of like-mind together is nearly impossible at times. It would be great to see how Darkseid became who he is, but it does feel as though the idea might be kicked around for a while before a decision is finally made. By the time things move forward, if they do, the DC brand is bound to have gone in a different direction, or so it feels.

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