A Dexter Revival is Finally Coming To Showtime: How Do We Feel?

So, every now and then it does happen that people get what they want, but it’s not likely because people were unhappy with what they saw from the Dexter finale, but because the showrunner and the lead actor found a way to make it happen that could entice a lot of the fans and get them excited at the same time. But that excitement is going to have to be tamped down a bit for now since Dexter isn’t making his way back onto the small screen just yet, since production won’t be starting until something early next year, which means that the soonest that people will be able to see Dexter’s return will be in the fall of 2021, which will have a lot of people chomping at the bit since once can only imagine the theories that are going to go flying between now and then. What’s really funny is that the manner in which the show ended confused a lot of people since it saw Dexter as a lumberjack, which threw a lot of people for a loop. A lot of folks were likely to say that this just wasn’t what they envisioned for Dexter, since it didn’t appear to be the kind of work that he might lean towards. Why not? It’s something that is far and away from his former life and a place that people might not look for him, so it does make some kind of sense. But of course, a lot of hardcore fans weren’t about to accept this and made a huge stink about it.

A lot of fans are noticeably upset when a series they tend to love doesn’t end the way they want. It might be that they’ll gripe and complain if the series is headed in a direction that doesn’t feel right to them, but the thing is, they’re not writing it, they’re not acting it out, and they’re not responsible for how things are going to go. The inability of some fans to roll with a story and the way it can twist and turn is kind of an irritating development since when it comes to the internet a group of fans can cause a movement very quickly if there are enough people that feel something even close to what the disgruntled few are feeling. Before anyone knows it, there are a bunch of irritated fans petitioning to get a show’s ending changed since it didn’t live up to their expectations. If anyone is willing to roll their eyes and scoff at this just check out what happened with Game of Thrones. There was even a petition to fix the ending of Dexter, which went about as well as it could, meaning that it went nowhere.

That’s what fans don’t tend to get sometimes, the power that we have over the shows and movies that come out is strong enough to get them canceled or possibly altered if the outcry is strong enough and, most importantly, will affect the profits of those making the production. But if the cash flow isn’t hindered and there isn’t a general boycott against the production then things are going to proceed forward as planned since there’s no other incentive to do anything else. Dexter is coming back for a limited revival as of 2021, which is the plan, but if anyone is thinking of petitioning to keep it around for longer it would be a waste of time since the show is coming back for a short time, and then it will be gone yet again. And it’s very likely that there will still be plenty of people that will state that the show still wasn’t given the ending it deserved, since pleasing everyone is just about as impossible as herding hyperactive cats in an open space. Right now it’s enough to think that the show is coming back, and that it will begin production in several months possibly, and that people can possibly puff up their chests and imagine that they ‘did it’ by crying loud enough to get Dexter back. That’ll do, that’ll do.

After the strutting and praising is done maybe then people can start thinking and theorizing over what’s going to happen in the coming revival and what we’ll be seeing from our favorite blood splatter expert and what could possibly bring him back into a story that he’d finally left behind. There has to be something great enough to get the creative juices flowing once again since it was made clear that anything less than a worthwhile story meant that Dexter wasn’t going to be revisited at all. So whatever could possibly bring him back must be something pretty interesting since it’s very likely that there will be something monumental happening to put him back in the mix.

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