A Fast and Furious Jurassic Park Crossover Movie?

John Hammond Jurassic Park

Right about now the best thing to do is take this kind of an idea as a joke that someone mentioned to wind people up, and it worked since a lot of folks are likely already thinking what it would be like to see a T.Rex chasing a muscle car down the road, possibly veering off when it sees something tasty. But really, the one image that won’t leave my head at the moment is Tyrese Gibson yelling in his customary fashion as a pack of velociraptors attempts to get to him as he’s driving frantically away. There is no solid idea to bring a crossover movie to bear at this time since even the thought of is bringing to mind Ready Player One and wondering if the Matrix will be included at some point as Dom and the group have to, for some reason, race in the virtual world while ducking and dodging Kong, dinosaurs, and anything else, possibly Agent Smith, as they try to stop Cipher from pulling another heist. Yeah, that’s how silly it sounds since even if there’s value in every story, the chaos that’s barely held at bay sometimes can tear things down as well as help create them. That chaotic energy that many tend to rely upon to create something can be as detrimental as its beneficial since trying to mix too many things together creates a vomitous soup that makes little to no real sense and leaves the audience feeling anxious, nauseous, and possibly resentful of whoever dared to pen the words that the cast followed.

There are plenty of ideas that can mesh with one another in a seamless fashion, but there are definitely times when the improbable becomes the possible and then lunacy is given an open invitation. The reason a movie such as Ready Player One was accepted had a lot to do with the fact that it took openly from the well of pop culture icons that were there to be used, and it did so in a manner that brought them together for a singular purpose. Bringing a dinosaur movie and a franchise such as Fast and Furious together needs a common thread, something that binds it together, and unless Cipher is thinking of somehow hijacking a dinosaur or the DNA left behind on the island then there’s no such common thread with dinosaurs and muscle cars. Even if such a thing did get put together the common thread would be thin enough that it might break with a single twinge of logic. What’s really bound to make the eyes roll and the head shake is that there are people who are fully ready to get on board with this and make it work, even if some of them are in on the gag. The fact that there are those out there that would like to make this work is kind of disturbing since it means that they think that there’s a market for a Fast and Furious movie that involves a dinosaur angle that people are no doubt going to try to work out over the next few months. Go ahead and see when summer is about to wrap up if someone has put this together and is ready to sell a screenplay because it’s bound to happen. If good sense and taste prevail it might not, but given how many movies there are out there that have shown us the lengths to which people are willing to go, it’s not wise to say that it will never happen.

There are simply too many people willing to push past the envelop and tear it to pieces, and there are plenty of folks that think that this is innovative and will support them, to count out for good. In one sense it’s wise to admit that every story, no matter how nuts, can have value. As a writer and someone that embraces chaos at times, it’s very easy to say that such an idea has several ways to work, but it’s bound to be a miracle if anyone can touch upon them and not let it spin out of control. Many of those that might take this idea and run with it are those that might think that it’s an easy fix to create a mission for Dom and the crew to take on the dinosaurs or to simply have them interact in some manner because there’s no other choice. Or perhaps Dominion, the next chapter in the Jurassic World saga, would be where the first mention of dinosaurs might be worked into the next FaF movie. It’s hard to say how others are going to think of this, and it’s a desire to look away before such an idea can sink home. Let’s just say it was a fun joke and move on for now.

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