A Fifth Season of Sherlock is Still Possible: What’s Next?

Adrienne Tyler from ScreenRant might agree that one thing you don’t do with a show like Sherlock Holmes is trace a path where logic doesn’t always follow. It might work just fine if you’re talking about Doctor Strange, where Benedict Cumberbatch is soon to be headed back to, and even The Hobbit, where Martin Freeman was allowed to shine for a handful of years. But in a show like this where logic is supposed to be the bread and butter of the main character, it’s just not a wise move. Unfortunately that seems to be what season four was predicated upon since it was perhaps the least pleasing of the seasons that have come thus far according to fans. Many are used to the cool, calculating mind of Holmes and the always supportive and intelligent addition of Watson when it comes to this duo, but for some reason those in charge thought it might be a good idea to let reason break down in the fourth season, if only for long enough to shock everyone just a bit and remind them that pretty much anything can happen when someone’s at the helm that wants to have their own say about how things will go.

There are a few reasons why a season five might not happen unfortunately, and a lot of it has to do with scheduling. Cumberbatch and Freeman will be taking off to do their own projects for a while it would seem, as will a couple of the other regulars on the show. This would mean that some of the most recognizable and irreplaceable figures in the show wouldn’t be available for some time, a fact that couldn’t really be accommodated on short notice. Unlike figures such as Dr. Who a quick change of character only to change back eventually couldn’t be fully explained, as Holmes and Watson are simply too well known and can’t be replaced by anyone. There is a chance to make a season five if the schedules of the stars do manage to finally coincide, but at this point it sounds as though this wouldn’t happen until around 2022, meaning that season five could be a long time coming.

After season four it’s kind of hard to think that people really want to give the show another chance, but it still feels safe enough to think that people want the show to come back for at least one more season in order to bring things back to the way they were. Ideas for the fifth season include moving back into the familiar rhythm that was established throughout seasons one to three, when the two detectives were still hard at work taking care of the same cases that had been laid down by the creator of the duo. If things had gone in that way the entire time it does seem likely that a fifth season might have been wanted, but not needed. The way things stand now it would almost seem that a fifth season is required just to set things right. But again, it’s going to be a while until this happens, if it does at all.

There a lot of things that are worse than a show that ends on a sour note or on an incomplete plot line, as shows like My Name Is Earl have done just that. But it’s even worse when they end on a note that seems to frustrate the viewers simply because it was a sudden jog away from the main point of the show. There are moments when that swift sideways movement from the main point might actually be an interesting twist or an unexpected but appreciated ending that people will dish on for months to come. This wasn’t quite that way. There will likely be a lot of people that gladly defend season 4, but there are more that will probably speak against it and demand a season five. Many fans are notoriously fickle as it’s been seen, and will either turn on a show at the drop of a dime when it changes into something they can’t support, or will defend it to the end no matter that it’s been decided by most that it was in fact something less than what was expected.

Being one of the older stories that still draws a great deal of attention, Sherlock Holmes is one of those stories that people want to see performed with a great deal of accuracy. There’s a pretty good idea why Robert Downey Jr.’s version, funny and engaging as it was, didn’t do all that great. For some people the traditional method of bringing these two characters into the mainstream is the only way, and when that’s messed with they tend to get a little uppity. Some shows you just don’t mess with according to some people.

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