A Fresh Beverly Hills Cop 4 Script is On the Way

People might get excited at the prospect of seeing another Beverly Hills Cop movie come to the big screen or to streaming depending on how they feel about the movie, but then that realization that it’s been 26 years since the story was on the big screen hits and a lot of people might wonder if it’s really worth bringing back. A lot of people would likely say ‘of course’ since it’s Eddie Murphy after all and the guy has been great for a majority of his career, but nearly three decades later one would hope that his character, Axel Foley, would have made police chief by that time, or perhaps gained a measure of maturity that could help balance out his otherwise comical antics that made the first two movies so great. As Kevin Kayhart of the Daily Mail mentions the third movie, released in 1994, did take a serious dip in profits as compared to the first two movies. At this time bringing Beverly Hills Cop back might be more of a nostalgic look back at a movie that was great for its time but as of now would feature just another aging actor that’s trying to hold on to what’s left of a character that people still care about. Harsh as that might sound it’s the truth since it’s been done by several other actors in recent years and has produced mixed to negative results with very few people admitting that they’ve enjoyed the resurgence.

Axel Foley in his heyday was insanely funny since he was a good cop that had a style all his own and a way about him that grated on a lot of peoples’ nerves but still managed to get things done in a chaotic sort of way. Bringing him back well over twenty years later is bound to be beset by the issues that come with age and the idea that if he’s still a detective it means that he either doesn’t want to move forward or like Maverick from Top Gun he’s just incapable of staying out of trouble, which would mean he’s a disciplinary case that just can’t be solved. Seriously, a lot of the old dogs trying to come back to the roles that helped them become big stars back in the day is interesting in its own way, but so far very little good has come from it. Be it Murphy with Axel Foley or any of the others that have taken to bringing their favored characters back, it might be time to finally pass that torch and let the younger generation start building up their own legacy much as those from the 80s started to do in their own way. Maybe that’s what the fourth installment is all about, yeah? It’d be great to say for certain that this is what’s going to happen, but after hearing that there might be another Bad Boys movie after the third one a lot of hope that saner minds are prevailing is starting to starting to fade as the realization that spectacle for spectacle’s sake is becoming the norm in show business. In other words if a studio thinks that they can make enough money with something, which does happen with some of the more ridiculous ideas, then it’s worth taking the risk. Trying to take a risk on an untested and virtually unknown idea at this time just doesn’t appear to be what studios are willing to consider, at least not in some cases.

It does sound as though a script has been devised, but until we can see production starting up it’s hard to say just what the story is going to be about and how Axel will be brought back. Will Lavin of NME has more to say on this. As it stands the movie likely wouldn’t be emerging until sometime in 2021, possibly even 2022, since there’s likely enough to be done when it comes to the script, casting, and other production needs. Until the all clear is given this is another idea that has to be stalled, much as it’s been since 2016, and relegated to a great deal of rumor and possibility concerning what could happen and will possibly come to be once Hollywood can get things back in gear. Some of us might still be scratching our heads and wondering just what people are thinking since the whole idea of bringing something like this back still doesn’t make a lot of sense considering that Beverly Hills Cop 3 was already headed downward as far as the profits and even the story went. This next installment would have to be something special indeed to make it work, and while that’s entirely possible the mention of another sequel after this if it does well enough is enough to make a lot of people cringe. Eventually the cry won’t be ‘when will we see another one’ will be replaced with ‘when will it be the last one’.

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