A Gallery of 25 Supremely Awesome Darth Vader Photos


Darth Vader is arguably the greatest villain in the history of cinema. We could probably go on and on about this as there are hundreds if not thousands of villains that potentially enter the conversation.  But I think we can all agree that Vader is up there.  However, of all the villains out there that loud breathing and mask make for perhaps the best comedic bits of any villain in history.

The wide availability of his costume has left him ripe for some pretty ridiculous photoshoots, most that a galactic leader shouldn’t be caught dead in. Here’s a gallery of 25 great Vader photos you may not have seen before.


Scooter Vader is the Definition of Fearsome


Tokyo Vader Thinks They Should Take Another Picture Where He Looks Better


Childhood Vader Photo Explains a Lot


Sand Vader…Decapitated a Giant Stormtrooper?


Vader Wishes He Went With the Name Brand Lightsaber


Homeless Vader is 95% Good at Spelling


Vader is 0.5 Seconds Away from the “Kill Young Kirk” Plan’s Completion


Steampunk Vader is Surprisingly Awesome


WTF Vader is WTF


S&M Vader Really Needs to Go To the Bathroom


Spring Break Vader is Getting his Groove On


Hello Kitty Vader Will Probably Just Give You a Force Neck Massage


Hot Air Balloon Vader Has to be the Best Hot Air Balloon Ever


Pug Vader Will Get His Revenge While You Sleep


Uncle Vader is About to Be Very Upset When He Gets Out of His Decompression Chamber


Vader Makes CNN for Getting His Hand Stuck Inside a Droid


You Should Totally Come to Hipster Vader’s Show. Free Cover Before 10


Vader Just Took a Death Star Sized Dump


Vader is Happy the Force is Now An Official Religion


Fiddle Vader Must Make Good Tips


Vader is Not Amused by Mall Security


Lego Vader is Contemplative


Vader is Sadly the Less Scary of the Two


Hot Rod Vader Thinks Hybrids are Wimps

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