A Keith David “They Live” Action Figure is Going to Exist

If anyone had been told back in the day that They Live would last long enough to become a cult classic it’s likely that a lot of people might have laughed long and loud at such a proclamation since the movie is pretty cheesy and the acting is about as good as it can be for such a premise. But at the same time, people have enjoyed the movie in their own way and found some enjoyment in it throughout the years, especially given that Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David have only gotten better as they’ve gotten older. Sadly, Piper passed away in 2015, but there will be an action figure of his character from the movie as well as Keith David’s that will be given a limited run and will likely sell out pretty quickly. Just taking a look at these things though it’s obvious that whoever was making the decision to create them couldn’t help but pick on of Keith’s creepiest faces since the figure looks like something that might come to life and find the nearest sharp object to dice a person up with. That could be that I’m not the type that likes action figures that are this realistic, but a lot of fans should love it, no matter how disturbing it looks.

The movie was one of the many that were created in the 80s to entertain the masses but not necessarily become Oscar-worthy material since to be fair the premise isn’t bad and the overall story isn’t horrible, but the acting and the effects kind of ‘meh’ in some ways. Keith David’s part in the movie helped to make it great since he’s been a part of so many movies at this point that it’s harder to name something he’s not in since he’s shown up so often. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but the point should be taken that he’s someone that’s been in enough movies to be considered as a valuable addition to any story. It’s kind of amazing that it took this long for a They Live tribute of any sort to come around when considering that so many 80s movies have received the same treatment, including those that weren’t considered to be as popular as this movie. Whether it was because it had a favorite wrestler in it or not, They Live has still been one of many movies that people have continued to talk about throughout the years. Some people laugh when they speak of it, while others swear that it’s one of the best movies they’ve ever watched. Whatever a person thinks of it, the movie is one that is worth watching at least once.

Keith David on the other hand is one of the most underrated actors of his time or any other considering how long he’s been around and how many movies he’s been a part of since he’s done everything from drama to horror to sci-fi to comedy. Just about everything he’s been involved in has been great in some way, though there have been a few clunkers here and there. But if there’s anyone that deserves an action figure made of them, and there are plenty to be certain, Keith David is among their numbers since the guy has played some truly great roles that kind of go under the radar when it comes to a lot of people. He’s done plenty of live-action roles and has done a few voice roles as well, working with some of the most famous names in the industry and yet still he’s been noticed, but not given the same kind of credit that other actors tend to get. It’s fair to say that if asked, at least three people out of five would likely draw a blank on his name, while the other two might recognize him, but would need a moment to remember from which movie. There are more than a few actors that have to deal with this to be certain, and a few of them are being done a disservice simply because they do deserve a lot more credit for what they’ve done with their careers.

When it comes to They Live though it was kind of a forgettable movie for a lot of people and something that was passably amusing for others. That might sound unkind but it’s true really, as how a person feels about this movie is entirely up to them. It is considered a cult classic to be certain and it definitely earned the status, otherwise, it might not have stuck around this long. But these action figures do look a little creepy all the same, which is odd since Keith David’s serious face is just as stern and just as intense. But there’s no doubt that collectors will be all over these.

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