A New Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Beef Would be Fun to Witness

Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton

Zach Seemayer from ET alludes to the fact that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan starting beef with one another might be on the horizon, or not, it kind of depends on the heiress and what she’s feeling like ‘in the moment’. While the picture above does make it seem as though LiLo and Hilton might actually get along the wording that Paris used in an interview about Lohan seems to indicate otherwise, unless ‘lame’ is how the super rich and celebrities show affection towards one another. As to the rumors of her making out with Miley Cyrus a while back, let’s just say that it’s not all that interesting and move on. Some people might want to debate that, but then again some people want to state that Paris Hilton is a skilled singer when really all it seems like she can do is say ‘that’s hot’ and stay popular while doing next to nothing.

It’s very easy to assume that fans of Hilton, and there are many somehow, would be up in arms defending her against any words that might seem less than complimentary towards her status or her character. That might be seen as admirable if she didn’t spend her days proving that she’s worth the scorn and ridicule that she deals with on a constant basis by opening her mouth before speaking. Alyssa Bailey of Elle reported that Paris regretted even opening her mouth the moment that she said anything about Lohan, and yet when the interview continued to still managed to make it even a little worse since there didn’t seem to be anything nice about what she had to say concerning her frenemy. Does anyone still buy this kind of thing when celebrities like Hilton continually say one thing and then attempt to renege on it a few moments later? The kind of damage this does to one’s credibility seems like it would finally show people that some celebrities just don’t think before acting, speaking, or doing anything that might show them to be somewhat less intelligent than they’re said to be. Is an impulse control problem, or just any lack of concern for reprisals that might come? Who knows, but at this point it’s another bit of drama in the unending parade of celebrity faux pas that people seem to thrive on.

Kenzie Bryant has the right of it when she states that without feuds like this the gossip rags would have almost nothing to go on and the news would be elegant and actually worthwhile instead of about trashy feuds that people care about simply because they tend to put certain celebrities in a comfortable position for people to trash on. Okay so part of that was my own view, but it is pretty true that without celebrity feuds Hollywood might actually be a nicer and in some ways more boring place since everyone getting along doesn’t always make for great news coverage. People want the drama and they want the problems between their favorite celebs since it heightens the whole newscast and gives them something to gossip about and feel, in some way, superior about since they might not be experiencing such a problem in their own life. Yes, it’s a little sad and kind of pointless since it’s hard to know who’s playing who when it comes to the overall entertainment factor, but it’s also a bit mind-numbing to think that Lohan and Hilton are still considered to be newsworthy.

Hilton is set for the rest of her life when it comes to her financial situation, that much is obvious. She can spend money like it’s going out of style and will never really want for anything. Lohan on the other hand has resorted to stealing jewelry and has come close to hitting rock bottom as celebrities seem to understand the term, but somehow she’s still around. Why? Hilton can’t sing, with all apologies to her fans but she really can’t, Lohan can barely act, and together they’re kind of a hot mess that is barely a worthwhile feud since there’s nothing there besides the idea that they don’t like one another and could possibly be playing the news media and the fans for fools at the same time. Simply covering this kind of deal seems to come with the added danger of feeling your IQ start to dip a little since the vapidity of such a subject is enough to make even the most patient person roll their eyes and wonder what they’re doing. Feuds in Hollywood are, quite honestly, less sensible than children in a schoolyard having a dispute over one of the most inane things you could possibly think of. This kind of proves that success doesn’t always breed class, nor does it insure that those who are successful are the real cream of the crop.

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