A Supercut of Everything Coming to Disney+ in the U.S

According to this supercut that Brian Barnett of IGN and many others have reported there’s no shortage of what we’re bound to see on Disney+ this coming November we’re getting some honest to goodness classics that a lot of people in their 40s or older should easily recognize since this is the kind of stuff we grew up with and came to idolize when it came to Disney. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Dumbo to Miracle on 34th Street, a lot of these movies are those that we remember as kids and might not have seen in a long, long time. Now with a very low price we can see them all again and allow our kids to enjoy them as well since despite the very real idea that Disney is trying to seriously dominate just about everything, they still have a lot of quality programming that remains locked away in their vaults that will be coming out for another run on their new streaming platform. What’s more unbelievable than anything at this moment is just how much there is to be revealed and how much we’ll be able to see come November 12th. Even better than that is the fact that what we’re seeing now won’t be all that comes to the network as they’ll be tacking on new shows eventually and movies will continue to be added as they go along.

Chloe Gorman of CountryLiving speaks about the low price for so much content and you can’t help but agree that it’s a great deal. And it’s not just cartoons and animated movies coming to the streaming network either, as there will be plenty of other programming that’s meant to be educational as well as insanely entertaining given that Disney has dipped their fingers into just about every facet of the entertainment industry that they can at this point and are looking to become the most dominant entertainment force in the world it would seem since they’ve spared just about nothing when it comes to making sure that they have the type of content that people will flock to, even if it’s a little controversial and at times kind of hard to really get behind. After all they did take over Fox so you almost have to assume that they’re going to have to play ball and give in to the wishes of the people at some point since there are plenty of properties they own now that aren’t bound to be as kid-friendly as the Mouse House wants them to be. From the superhero movies to the documentaries detailing a great number of people around the world and how their lives are being depicted, Disney has to step its game up in a big way since they can’t just be the family friendly company they’ve been for so long and expect to stay as competitive as they’ve been for so long.

Be honest and admit it, people that have watched material put up by Fox want it to stay the same as Emily Todd VanDerWerff of Variety alludes to, they don’t want to see a PG or PG-13, family-friendly version that will essentially dull down the edges of the characters they’ve come to enjoy. That’s one big problem with the MCU at this point, they’ve taken a serious amount of edge off of the heroes and villains that, in the comics, have been seen as far more violent than we’ve seen in the movies. It’s great that we get to see a physical representation at this point, and it’s been well-received since Disney has been the one taking the reins and giving us the kind of programming that has been entertaining and educational in many ways. But Disney+ still has a long ways to go in terms of really stating that it’s a streaming giant, since it’s as of yet unproven in this arena and is going up against the likes of Netflix and Amazon, with Hulu already half in its pocket as it’s offered a package that deals with Hulu and ESPN. That seems like a wise idea but it also seems like hedging a bet at this point since Disney has a history of taking over other companies instead of working cohesively with them. So how long this deal with Hulu and ESPN will last is kind of hard to say, but the hope is that it will be indefinite, for the sake of the company and the sake of the people that have already subscribed.

Thus far Disney is offering a lot when it comes to its streaming service and there will be shows to last for days it would seem since between the movies and the shows there is literally hours upon hours of footage that will keep people busy and entertained for some time to come. Within the first month or so it feels safe to say that people are going to be pleasantly satisfied and will find that Disney has put a lot of thought into what they’re doing. But after the first few months have gone, we’ll see just how they stack up.

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