A Theory That Could Change Everything About Rugrats

Sometimes there’s a very good reason to disregard theories and go with what we’re given on the screen since in the case of a particular theory that’s been brought up about the popular Rugrats cartoon that a lot of us likely watched when we were little, things get dark pretty quick. A lot of people can no doubt recall the fun adventures with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, and the rest of the group of characters that were a part of our childhood. But trying to float the theory that the babies were simply figments of Angelica’s imagination is enough to make a lot of people widen their eyes and wonder just how such a thing could be possible, or might even be imagined. It’s not hard really, and despite any glaring plot holes that folks might want to interject with in order to keep this idea from really getting creepy, the theory does paint a rather dreary picture of this favorite animated series. Angelica is by all accounts kind of a snot throughout the majority of the series, and it’s fair to think that seeing her get some form of comeuppance is bound to be something that would make a lot of people smile. But this theory goes to a place that would feel cruel even for this character since it implies something that one can’t help but think would have had people complaining about this show if it would have been turned into a reality. Thankfully the show never decided to go dark in any way, since otherwise, it’s likely that this could have made Endgame look like a comedy show.

That’s a bold statement, I get it, but it’s the truth since the theory states that the babies are all in Angelica’s mind, as stated above, and the main issue here is that it speaks of a young girl that’s so neglected and left alone so often that she had to invent playmates that for some reason or another annoyed the hell out of her. That kind of speaks of a mind that’s not entirely balanced even if Angelica couldn’t really be called crazy. But her desire to imagine babies that would trouble her to no end could be a coping mechanism for being on her own, and possibly even a defense against something else. It might sound extremely wrong and controversial, but keep in mind that the grandfather was there more often than not. I won’t go into any further detail with that offshoot, but it’s obvious that, going by this theory, that Angelica’s young mind did a great deal of overtime when fashioning the babies according to their wayward parents and in making them real beings that she could interact with. On top of that, her only friend played right along, taking part in the strange fantasy as they both interacted with the babies and enabled Angelica even further. A lot of people would probably just laugh this off and point out the numerous plot holes that pop up over the course of the series, and they’d be right to do so. But when it comes to storytelling, there are a number of ways that plot holes can be dealt with, and these types of plot holes that might interrupt this theory would be a trifling matter to be certain. If Angelica was really cracking up when she was younger it stands to reason that when the babies grew up that it would mean that she’d turned to something else apart from her childhood fantasies to maintain the illusion, and would be living out her strange but compelling fantasy from afar.

As theories go, it’s a truly dark and saddening one that forces Angelica to be seen as a chronically unbalanced individual that has little no real grip on reality and has to create a fantasy life that makes little to no sense other than to give her someone to lord over and neglect in her own manner, much as her parents might have done to her. But it also takes the fun and the joy out of the show in a manner that makes it clear that Angelica is a troubled individual that needs a lot of help. This is something that a good number of folks might protest against if only to make it clear that they want the fantasy of their favorite cartoons to be left alone and the sanctity of the story to be kept as it was. As I said at the beginning, there’s a reason why listening to theories is sometimes less favorable than simply enjoying the shows that said theories are focused on, since the ‘what if’ factor can sometimes be far worse than the actual reality of it. Most people want to remember Rugrats as a charming and funny show, not some dark fantasy concocted by a troubled mind.

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