Aaron Paul Regrets the Prank He Pulled on Breaking Bad Fans

Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad fans remember all the rumored talk of a possible sixth season or other, non-Better Call Saul spin-offs after the AMC drama came to an end back in 2013, and last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Aaron Paul owned up to unintentionally helping to spread those rumors. How did he do that? It was a prank gone wrong.

During his interview with Aaron Paul, who stars in the new John Hillcoat film, Triple 9, which hits theaters this Friday, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned about how Breaking Bad fans were curious if they’d ever see his character, Jesse Pinkman, again. Of course, this was because (spoiler alert for the Breaking Bad series finale) Jesse, unlike Walter White, made it out of the series alive.

With so many rumors and so much speculation surrounding a possible follow-up series, Paul decided he wanted to have fun with the Breaking Bad fans, posting a video on Periscope about a Jesse Pinkman spin-off. The one problem with Paul’s prank, though, was that people actually thought he was being serious, and before he knew it, news of a Jesse Pinkman spin-off series was everywhere.

“I’m watching the comments as they come in as I’m saying this, and everyone’s super excited,” Paul explains. “And they don’t stick around for my conclusion of the story, like letting them know it’s a prank. But then it went viral, and everyone thought it was actually happening, but it’s not happening. And I just felt like an a**hole.”

Breaking Bad fans, after seeing how great Better Call Saul is, would you want to see a Jesse Pinkman spin-off series at some point? Comment below and let us know.

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