10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aarti Mann

It’s not crucial to know every last person that’s currently in the acting industry but it’s interesting to take a look around and see who’s out there occasionally. Aarti Mann is one of those that you might gloss over now and again but if you looked a little closer you might find that she’s quite talented and has the ability to gain a person’s attention and work it to her advantage by giving them the kind of entertainment they might find appealing. Honestly she’s not the biggest name in the industry at this point but she does seem to be rising in the minds of many a person and since she did manage to get on one of the most-watched shows on TV it’s easy to assume that a few people know enough about her to share and pass around so that others can come to know what she’s accomplished and what she’s capable of.

Here are a few things about her you might not have known.

10. She did test for the role of Divya on the show Royal Pains.

If you’ve ever watched the show Royal Pains then you’d know that Divya is a very prominent character since she’s Hank’s assistant and therefore a very important person. She’s there to assist him and help out when needed and to sometimes serve as his conscience. Aarti did manage to test for the part but obviously didn’t get it at that time.

9. The name she uses on stage is a truncated version of her married name.

Her married name isn’t that hard to pronounce but with a lot of actors it’s pretty common to see them either shorten their name or take on a different surname in order to allow people to get to know them in the manner they want. In some cases a person’s last name is just too tough to say and a shortened or different name presents a better image.

8. She became known for her role in The Big Bang Theory.

After losing out on Royal Pains it seems that she latched onto another show that was bound for a little more glory and even found a way to become noticed in a manner that would allow many more people to come to know who she was. Sometimes missed opportunities lead to brighter horizons.

7. Her father passed away when she was still in high school.

This couldn’t have been easy since many of us just expect our parents to be around for a good long while when we’re young. Losing a parent is no simple thing and while it had to have been hard she and her family have pushed forward and made their lives into something extraordinary.

6. She never acted in a play but she did graduate with a degree in film writing and directing.

You don’t have to be an actor to understand how filming a TV show or movie works after all, but the dynamics of it are just as important and are what a person needs to know if they’re going to understand the aspect of the business from front to back.

5. Aarti and her siblings chose not to follow a path in medicine like their parents.

She and her siblings decided to go into much different professions than her parents chose, as her mother and father chose the role of physicians while their kids took up journalism, acting, and filmmaking rather than dive into a medical career.

4. She and her family moved around Pennsylvania a bit when she was a child.

It could have been work related or something else but she and her family moved from one place to another within the state until they finally settled down. It does take a big toll on kids to keep moving from place to place, but so far her life seems to have worked out just fine either because of it or in spite of it.

3. At New York University she did practice acting.

She did practice the craft but she never stepped on the stage to actually take a role. It almost seems as though she might have been feeling it out, trying to decide whether or not this was really the thing for her. Obviously she decided it was since she’s now making a living as an actress.

2. She’s been around for a little over a decade now.

Her career started back in 2006 and she’s been keeping busy since then. If anyone really doesn’t know who she is it could be that she’s kept to projects that don’t get as much attention or aren’t widely talked about. That would be hard to imagine though.

1. Aarti is a second-generation Indian-American.

It’s important to remember that just because a person looks a certain way doesn’t mean that they’re not Americans through and through. Those that were born here are Americans, no matter what.

It would seem that her career might be on the uptick these days.

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