10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aarti Sequeira

If you watch “The Next Food Network Star,” you already know Aarti Sequeria. She was on the show in the sixth season, and she took home the grand prize. She has her own show on the Food Network, she has a huge following, and everyone loves her. It’s not just her amazing cooking skills fans love, either. She has the most delightful personality. She comes across as so kind and genuine, and she always seems to be engaging her fans in a way that makes us feel like close friends. If you don’t know her well, it’s time to get to know her. She is fabulous.

1. She’s in Her 40s

She doesn’t look it, but she is in her 40s. she was born on August 19, 1978. She celebrated her 42nd birthday mid-pandemic in 2020, but we have a feeling she might have some big plans for her next birthday in 2021. She seems like the celebratory type.

2. She’s From Mumbai

She was not born in the states, but you might not guess this if you don’t know her. She was born in Mumbai. Her parents raised in her Dubai. She was there for many years until she moved to the states. She went to college in the United States, and she’s been here ever since.

3. She Attended College

Aarti knew that she wanted to learn as much as possible, and she knew she wanted to learn in the US. She came to Northwestern, and she studied journalism. She wasn’t interested in cooking professionally at that point, but she did know that she was ready to head to LA when she was done with college.

4. She Worked for CNN

She wanted to be a journalist, and she did go that route before becoming a celebrity chef. She went to CNN and worked for three years with the company. She then took off for LA and things changed for her. She had a lot going on, and she knew that she wanted to change her own life.

5. She Did Learn to Cook Professionally

She earned a certificate in 2007 from the New School of Cooking. It’s located in Culver City, and it’s a place where she has fond memories. She knew she wanted to do this professionally, so she created her own online show called “Aarti Party,” in 2008, even though it would be another two years before she’d go on national television and win the Food Network’s famed cooking competition.

6. She is Married

Her own husband is an actor. His name is Brendan McNamara. They didn’t meet in Hollywood, however. They met in college at Northwestern. They both attended at the same time, and they met, married, and created a lovely life together.

7. She’s a Mom

She and her husband have two kids. Both children are girls, and their names are Moses and Eliyah. Aarti was a woman who was open about her postpartum depression issues after having her children. She spoke up about how she felt, where she got the help she needed, and how she would go on with her life. She is very involved in supporting women who deal with the same thing.

8. Her Dad Had a Cute Nickname for Her

When she was growing up, her dad called her Showcase. He did so because she knew she was going to be on television, and she knew she was going to tell her story that way. She didn’t know exactly what she’d be doing on television, but she knew she’d be there. She did it, too.

9. She Loves Food

She always has, and that’s a lovely thing. Food is so good, and it brings so much joy and comfort. That’s what she loves about it, too. She loves that it brings so many different emotions to the table. We imagine she’s not the only one. The emotional joy of cooking for your family to gather around a holiday table. Teaching your little ones to bake cookies or grill a filet. There’s something about it that brings so much emotion to the table.

10. She’s Private

Despite the fact that she is a famous host who has nothing short of a very public life, she does manage to keep a lot to herself. She does share her family anecdotes and her life with the fans she’s gathered over the years, but she doesn’t share too much. She’s not seeking attention in her social media life or her personal life. She wants her fans to love her for her cooking, and not for her personal life.

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