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At the ominous address of 666 Park Avenue, anything you desire can be yours. Everyone has needs, desires and ambition. For the residents of The Drake, these will all be met, courtesy of the building’s mysterious owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn). But every Faustian contract comes with a price. When Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), an idealistic young couple from the Midwest, are offered the opportunity to manage the historic building, they not only fall prey to the machinations of Doran and his mysterious wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams), but unwittingly begin to experience the shadowy, supernatural forces within the building that imprison and endanger the lives of the residents inside. Sexy, seductive and inviting, The Drake maintains a dark hold over all of its residents, tempting them through their ambitions and desires, in this chilling new drama that’s home to an epic struggle of good versus evil.

‘666 Park Avenue’stars Rachael Taylor (‘Charlie’s Angels,”Grey’s Anatomy,’Transformers) as Jane Van Veen, Dave Annable (‘Brothers & Sisters,”Reunion’) as Henry Martin, Robert Buckley (‘One Tree Hill,”Lipstick Jungle’) as Brian Leonard, Mercedes Masöhn (‘The Finder,”Chuck,”Three Rivers’) as Louise Leonard, Helena Mattsson (‘Iron Man 2,”Nikita,”Desperate Housewives’) as Alexis Blume, Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, with Vanessa Williams (‘Desperate Housewives,”Ugly Betty,”Shaft,”Soul Food’) as Olivia Doran and Terry O’Quinn (‘Lost,”Millennium,”Hawaii Five-0,”Alias,”The West Wing,”Jag’) as Gavin Doran.

500 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receive their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they’re told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan.

Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.

‘Last Resort’stars Andre Braugher (‘Men of a Certain Age’) as Captain Marcus Chaplin, Scott Speedman (‘The Vow’) as XO Sam Kendal, Daisy Betts (‘Sea Patrol’) as Lieutenant Grace Shepard, Dichen Lachman (‘Being Human’) as Tani Tumrenjack, Daniel Lissing (‘Crownies’) as SEAL Officer James King, Sahr Ngaujah (‘House of Payne’) as Mayor Julian Serrat, Camille de Pazzis as Sophie Gerard, Autumn Reeser (‘Hawaii Five-O,”No Ordinary Family’) as Kylie Sinclair, Jessy Schram (‘Falling Skies,”Once Upon a Time’) as Christine Kendal. Recurring guest star is Robert Patrick (‘The Gangster Squad’) as Master Chief Joseph Prosser.

Welcome to a provocative and thrilling drama about the scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery, as they brave the turbulent journey together.

Meet Savi (Alyssa Milano), a successful career woman working toward the next phase in her life — both professional and personal — simultaneously bucking for partner at her law firm while she and her husband, Harry (Brett Tucker), try to start a family of their own. Savi’s free-spirited and capricious baby sister, Josselyn (Jes Macallan), couldn’t be more different — living single, serial dating and partying, and regularly leaning on her big sister along the way. Their common best friend, April (Rochelle Aytes), a recent widow and mother of two, is rebuilding her life after tragedy and learning to move forward, with the support and guidance of her closest girlfriends. And friend Karen (Yunjin Kim), a successful therapist with her own practice, reconnects with the girls after her involvement in a complicated relationship with a patient goes far too deep.

‘Mistresses’is a salacious new drama about a group of friends caught in storms of excitement and self-discovery, secrecy and betrayal, and bound by the complex relationships they’ve created.

‘Mistresses’stars Alyssa Milano (‘New Years Eve,”Romantically Challenged,”Hall Pass,”My Name Is Earl,”Charmed,”Melrose Place’) as Savannah, Yunjin Kim (‘Lost’) as Karen, Rochelle Aytes (‘Work It,”White Collar,”Detroit 1-8-7,”Desperate Housewives’) as April, Jes Macallan (‘Kiss Me,”NCIS: Los Angeles,”Crash and Burn,”Grey’s Anatomy,”Shameless’) as Josslyn, Jason George (‘Grey’s Anatomy,”The Closer,”Against the Wall,”Castle,”Off the Map,”Eastwick’) as Dominic, Brett Tucker (‘Castle,”Spartacus: Vengeance,”Rizzoli & Isles,”NCIS,”Neighbours’) as Harry, Erik Stocklin (‘Grey Sheep,”Sick Day,”Let’s Big Happy’) as Sam.

Guest Starring Marin Hinkle (‘Two and a Half Men,”Brothers & Sisters’) as Elisabeth, John Schneider (‘Smallville,”90210,”Desperate Housewives’) as Thomas Grey, Shannyn Sossamon (‘How to Make It in America,”Dirt’) as Alex, Cameron Bender (‘Commander in Chief,”Whitney,”Beverlywood’) as Richard, Kate Beahan (‘Burning Man,”Rake,”Boston Legal’) as Miranda, Sunkrish Bala (‘Notes from the Underbelly,”I Just Want My Pants Back’) as Hamid.

Chart-topping Rayna James (Connie Britton) is a country legend who’s had a career any singer would envy, though lately her popularity is starting to wane. Fans still line up to get her autograph, but she’s not packing the arenas like she used to. Rayna’s record label thinks a concert tour, opening for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), the young and sexy future of country music, is just what Rayna needs. But scheming Juliette can’t wait to steal Rayna’s spotlight. Sharing a stage with that disrespectful, untalented, little vixen is the last thing Rayna wants to do, which sets up a power struggle for popularity. Could the undiscovered songwriting talent of Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen) be the key to helping Rayna resurrect her career?

Complicating matters, Rayna’s wealthy but estranged father, Lamar Hampton (Powers Boothe), is a powerful force in business, Tennessee politics, and the lives of his two grown daughters. His drive for power results in a scheme to back Rayna’s handsome husband, Teddy, in a run for Mayor of Nashville, against Rayna’s wishes.

‘Nashville’stars Connie Britton (‘Friday Night Lights,”American Horror Story’) as Rayna, Hayden Panettiere (‘Heroes’) as Juliette, Powers Boothe (‘MacGruber,”24’) as Lamar, Charles Esten (‘Enlightened,”Big Love’) as Deacon, Eric Close (‘Chaos,”Without a Trace’) as Teddy, Clare Bowen as Scarlett, Jonathan Jackson (‘General Hospital’) as Avery, Sam Palladio as Gunnar and Robert Wisdom as Coleman.

When Marta Walraven’s (Radha Mitchell) husband is brutally murdered, her first instinct is to protect her three young children. Her husband’s business partners — Irwin Petrova (Wil Traval), Marta’s scheming and untrustworthy brother, and Mike Tomlin (Lee Tergesen) — were involved in an illegal drug business deal with rival gangsters, and Marta’s husband paid the ultimate price. She already knows the violent world of organized crime; her father, Andrei Petrova (Rade Sherbedzija), and loyal bodyguard Luther (Luke Goss) are gangsters too. She and her sister Kat (Jaime Ray Newman) had always wished for a safer life without bloodshed and fear. For a while Marta lived happily as a stay at home housewife in San Marta’s cooperation, FBI Agent James Ramos (Mido Hamada) now promises justice.

Marta discovers a tenacity she never knew she had, and takes on the gangsters and the FBI to unveil the truth about her husband’s death. As she digs into this dark underworld, she’ll test her own strength, relying on her resourcefulness, determination and family ties like never before. To get out of this mob, she needs to beat the bad guys at their own deadly game.

‘Red Widow’stars Radha Mitchell (‘Melinda and Melinda,”Silent Hill,”Rogue,”Henry Poll Is Here,”The Children of Huang Shi,”The Waiting City’) as Marta Walraven, Wil Traval (‘Rescue Special Ops,”Underbelly,”All Saints’) as Irwin Petrova, Erin Moriarty (‘One Life to Live’) as Natalie Walraven, Sterling Beaumon (‘Arthur Newman, Golf Pro, ‘Clue’) as Gabriel Walraven, Lee Tergesen (‘Army Wives’) as Mike Tomlin, Jakob Salvati as Boris Walraven, Mido Hamada as FBI Agent James Ramos, Luke Goss as Luther, Jaime Ray Newman (‘Drop Dead Diva’) as Kat Petrova, Suleka Mathew (‘Hawthorne’) as Dina Tomlin and Rade Serbedzija (’24’) as Andrei Petrova.

As the publisher of a paranormal enthusiast magazine, Modern Skeptic, Hank Galliston has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and solving conspiracies. A confessed paranormal junkie, his motto is ‘logic is the compass.’But when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries in human history, stretching around the world and back centuries.

Contained in one of his wife’s clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. Now it’s up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map, while ensuring the answers don’t fall into the wrong hands — a man they call White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist). With his two young associates, Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster), in tow, along with Becca Riley, a sexy FBI agent (Carmen Ejogo), Hank will lead them on a breathless race against the clock to find his wife and save humanity.

‘Zero Hour’stars Anthony Edwards (‘Big Sur,”Flipped,”ER’) as Hank, Carmen Ejogo (‘Sparkle,”Chaos,”Away We Go’) as Beck, Scott Michael Foster (‘Californication,”The River’) as Aaron, Addison Timlin (‘Californication’) as Rachel, Jacinda Barrett (‘Matching Jack,”Middle Men,”New York, I Love You’) as Laila and Michael Nyqvist (‘Mission: Impossible — Ghost Patrol’) as White Vincent.

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