ABC Picks Up 8 New Series; “Better Off Ted” Renewed

bot-renewalLate yesterday afternoon Variety confirmed our earlier news story about ABC renewing both Castle and Scrubs for another season, beginning this fall. In addition to those renewals, it seems that ABC will also be renewing its midseason comedy Better Off Ted. Ted hasn’t faired well in the ratings since it premiere, however the show has a log of buzz around it, which prompted ABC to give the series a second chance next season.

In addition to the renewal news from ABC, five pilots have also been picked up by the network as well. On the drama side of the fence, ABC will pick up the small-town mystery series Happy Town, which has a slew of fantastic actors and is said to be a Twin Peaks-esque series. Also picked up were the 80s hits V and Eastwick. V will be presented as a limited “event” series while Eastwick will retell the story of the Witches of Eastwick, the popular 80s movie and novel by John Updike. Rounding out the new dramas are ensemble legal pilot Associates and Forgotten, a Jerry Burkheimer produced show that revolves around a team of amateur detectives working on cases of unidentified victims.

Besides the five dramas, ABC also picked up three new comedies which include Cougar Town, The Middle, and Hank, all of which include past television stars. Cougar Town is the Courteney Cox vehicle about a single mother who starts to date once again. The Middle stars Patricia Heaton and is about a midwestern mom, while Hank is the new Kelsey Grammar comedy about a once-highflying executive who loses his wealth and is forced to reconnect with his family.

The official announcements of these new series, as well as the ABC renewals and full fall schedule for the network will come on Tuesday at the ABC Upfront presentation to advertisers. Check back with TVOvermind for the full Upfront news next week.

Source: Variety

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