Five Actresses Who Could Pull off Stevie Nicks in a Biopic

It seems that if you asked a diehard fan who could pull off a good Stevie Nicks impression you’d likely get the answer that only Stevie can play Stevie. Honestly that’s not a bad answer since Nicks has been a legend in her own time and has featured as one of the greatest singers to ever come up in through the business. But as time has gone on and things have changed in the music industry she’s been hanging in and still doing her thing while stretching out and gaining experience in other venues as well. If you can recall she was featured in American Horror Story: Coven for the episode in which the witches were required to perform the seven wonders, and she absolutely nailed it. She might be getting older but she’s still got the kind of presence that people respond to in a positive manner, and it’s something that you can’t help but think is going to stick with her until the very end. At this point it would be great to see a story about her life. All we’d need to see is the right woman to represent her.

Here are a few picks that might be worth looking at.

5. Lady Gaga

Honestly this seems like a very natural choice since she’s already a great singer and has proven that she can hang with the best of them when it comes to the quality of her voice. Plus she’s also been in AHS so it seems fitting in a way. One thing you’ll notice about all the women on this list is that they share roughly the same height as Stevie as well since despite the skill that many actors have it is nice to see bodily dimensions being taken into account when someone is considered for a role. You wouldn’t think of casting Danny DeVito in a role that calls for a guy over six feet tall and you likely wouldn’t think of casting the part of Stevie with a woman that towers over her, at least that’s the hope.

4. Kristin Chenoweth

Honestly Kristin seems like a good consideration mostly because she is a singer but also because she is a pretty decent actress as she’s been in a few different productions that have allowed her to be bright and chipper. This might be kind of a challenge for her but it would still be fun to watch since she brings a definite spring to the step of any character she’s playing. Once again though her height is another big reason for picking her since she’s just around the same height of Stevie and could easily pull off the look it would seem. One thing about any of the women on this list is that they don’t lack for talent.

3. Christina Aguilera

It seems that Christina’s popularity has gone up and down throughout the years and has been the target of a lot of gossip and rumor that hasn’t been earned in a lot of ways. At one point when she was younger she was one of the hottest singers around as her music was burning up the charts and making her a superstar. As of now though it would seem that she’s someone that people still enjoy seeing but isn’t anywhere close to the pop star that she used to be. Still, it would be great to see her get on the screen once again in a role that doesn’t have her judging the talents of others and allows her to really make use of her voice.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese is one of the many actresses that seems as though she can make just about anything work so long as she’s able to get into character. She’s played some truly ditzy characters in the past but she’s also played a few that have been insanely well-received and have carried her career to this point. Now that she’s a bit older it would seem that she’s matured quite a bit and is a firm veteran of the industry, meaning that there’s not a lot left that she can’t accomplish if she just tries. As far as her singing voice goes that’s up for debate, but then again a voice-over doesn’t seem like it would be out of the question.

1. Christina Ricci

It seems that we haven’t seen a lot of Ricci lately doesn’t it? She’s been around to be certain and she has a few projects going at the moment but it would be nice to see her in something that could really highlight her talents again and remind us all that she’s one of the greats that grew up in the business. If nothing else this would be a great chance for her to do something that could steal the show so to speak and make people stand up and claim that they’ve always been fans.

Honestly, any one of these women seem like they’d be great for the role.

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