Adam Savage’s “Tested” Features 3D Prototype for “Labyrinth” Board Game

The movie “Labyrinth” will forever be immortalized because of one of its stars, David Bowie.  The psychedelic 80s “kids” movie also starred Jennifer Connelly as well as a ton of Jim Henson character creations.   Recent rumblings are that a remake is in the works.  A script has already been written and apparently it’s not an exact reboot but I guess we’ll see.  But speaking of Labyrinth, I came across this awesome video today.

WETA Workshop Johnny Fraser-Allen is a lifelong Jim Henson fan and sculptor who is working on a 3D board game based on Labyrinth, which he was happy to share with Adam Savage on an episode of Tested. You’ll be amazed at the attention to detail, the incredibly accurate characters and overall design.  Also in case you are wondering, Weta Workshop does creative development, publishing, weapons, props, creatures, make-up, miniatures, public art, merchandise for films like Lord of the Rings and other mystical projects.

Jim Henson himself would be awfully proud of this creation. As to whether or not this game actually moves into production on the assembly line is anyone’s guess. My feeling is that it would probably be a bit expensive to manufacture so a water downed version could be realistic. However, I think any design freak or Labyrinth fan would prefer the amazing piece of work we see down below:

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