10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adnaan Shaikh

Social media is one of the online platforms that make use of the internet astounding. Several social platforms are coming up every day, and one of them is the video-sharing network Tik Tok. The site is gaining immense popularity boasting of a large user-base. The larger user-base has ultimately translated to Tik Tok celebrities who have a large number of followers. One of these personalities who call Tik Tok their online home is Adnaan Shaikh. He has several followers on the platform and has gained tremendous popularity due to his lip-synch videos. Below are ten things to know about the Tik Tok personality if you want to know more about him.

1. Early Life

Conflicting sources are pointing to Adnaan’s date of birth. Some sites put the year as 1997, while others quote 1996. The date, 7th August, is constant in the sources, and he also alerts his followers on the indicated date for his birthday plans. This means he is either 22 or 23 years presently. He was born in Mumbai, India, where he also grew up and based in currently.

2. Family Background

At the moment, there is no information on his family, at least as their identities are concerned. It is not known if he has siblings or not, but according to several celebrity bio database sites such as AllWikiBiography, he is from a Muslim background. Some sites also indicate that he is from a middle-class background, and that may remotely explain his knack for fashion and even love for social media.

3. Education

When you look at Adnaan’s online persona, you may be mistaken to think that he is not that well educated. However, he is quite learned, and he completed his high school studies at an undisclosed private school in Mumbai. He also attended college, considering that his group of friends, popularly known as Team 07, claim to have met while in college. The institution attended, the course studied, and also if he graduated or not are still under wraps, and we hope he will come out of the dark soon about this aspect of his personal life, among others.

4. Social Media Presence

It is no secret that the online social domain is the place to be for Adnaan Shaikh, as it is the number one factor behind his popularity. In a move to cement his online presence, he has social media handles on all the popular social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. He seems to be more active on Instagram and Tik Tok, which are the two domains that he owes his popularity to. On his Instagram, he has roughly 4.6 million followers and tons of posts that decorate his feed. On Tik Tok, which is home to his popular lip-synch videos, he has followers knocking on the neighborhood of 11.1 million followers. The likes on his Tik Tok profile are impressive, to say the least, getting to the 520.5 million mark.

5. Team 07

It is hard to talk about Adnaan Shaikh without touching on his affiliate group, Team 07. As earlier hinted, it is a group of five friends who met in college and have almost similar interests with a robust social media presence in popular platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. As evident from NamesBiography, he is a crucial member of the collective, and the group owes its unity to him. Other members, who are also his best friends, are Hasnain Khan, Faisal Shaikh, Shadan Farooqui, and Faiz Baloch.

6. Modeling Career

When you look at his social media photos, then you get the idea of how dedicated he is to fashion and looking good. It is, therefore, no surprise when you learn that he also identifies as a model. Though presently the details of his modeling agency or affiliate base are not available, he uses his online social handles, most prominently Instagram to showcase his looks in various poses.

7. Hobbies

Adnaan is quite the fun-loving guy, and this is evident from his choice of hobbies that he engages in during his free time. As from his online social profiles, he claims to be an avid biker. He has several posts on his feeds posing on his bike, and at times you can catch a video of him revving by. Aside from the bike, he also loves dancing, an element he incorporates to his Tik Tok videos. Photography is also his thing, and that can explain why he is not afraid to get in front of the lens and take amazing shots for his followers. He is also good at swimming and cooking.

8. His Lynching Incident

The celebrity life is not a cup of tea for everyone, and Adnaan attests to this as he hot served rather a hot one. Around mid-2019, together with his friends while coming out of the gym, they were accosted by a mob that roughed them up, leaving them with injuries. It is a suggestion that the attacks came from a video that the Team 07 collective posted in their official Tik Tok accounts condemning an attack of a youth that resulted in his death. The news of the precursor to the attack is noted in Hindustan Times.

9. His Relationships

Just like much of his personal life, Adnaan’s relationships are entirely on the down-low. It is not clear if he is in a relationship or not; the same applies to if he has kids.

10. Net Worth

His popularity in the online domain comes with the goodies of boosting his net worth. Mostly form video blogging and influencing, he has a neat asset-base of $200k and a monthly earning of almost $1000. Considering he is still young, a little bit of resilience and versatility will see him boost his earnings.


Adnaan Shaikh is one of the celebrities who owe their popularity to social media. Above are ten things to know about him, and you can catch him in his amazing antics by following him on Tik Tok and Instagram, among other social media handles.

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