Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour 2018 Announced

Anyone who is deeply rooted in the pop genre of music is familiar with Kesha (often times with a dollar symbol in lieu of the “s” in her name) and Macklemore. The two have had quite a prominent year in their respective music niches, boasting Grammy nominations for both of their albums that were released this year. Many would not be surprised to learn that both parties planned to take their successes on the road to bring the live performances to their fans.

What people did not expect, however, was that both artists would decide to co-headline a tour together. This isn’t entirely surprising, though. The two have performed together on such stages like Jingle Ball earlier this month, and there was an undeniable chemistry to their presence on stage together. So, who gets to close out the night? Who is the bigger star among the two performers?

With many tours where two superstars of a genre hit the road together, it is often customary to switch off who goes first and who finishes the night with each passing show. This way no one’s ego has to get hurt, and the fans are still getting to see both acts on a grand main stage. This tour is slated to start out by going coast to coast, hitting a large array of venues throughout the United States. You can search all about this tour under the heading “The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour”. This will take up a large slate of time throughout 2018, and while still unconfirmed, is believed to be headed across the pond to play a handful of international sets as well.

While both of these stars have burned brightly in the past in their own respective musical offerings, the general public had feared the worst for both Kesha and Macklemore when they had both seemingly gone longer spans of time without releasing new singles. It was even more of a welcomed return for Macklemore, who had decided to set out on his own following incredible successes with his friend and fellow producer Ryan Lewis. With the release of Macklemore’s Genemini album, throes of fans were captivated by a fresh sound and well-polished album.

This can also be said about Kesha’s long-awaited release of Rainbow. This album took time to reflect more on her journey to maturity it would seem, less with the party anthems and antics that took center stage through her last brush with significant fame. Both of these albums were nominated for Grammy awards in the 2017 ceremony, showing the world that they both were back and better than ever.

Livenation is putting the tour together, and they are going to be the primary source of scoring tickets. While the two will be featured in some of the biggest venues across the country in the coming year, you might want to act quickly when tickets are released to land the kind of seats that you hope to get. For more information, you can check out this link for tour dates and venue listings.

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