10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aesha Scott

“Below Deck,” is one of the hottest reality shows on television these days, and we get it. It’s all about watching the crew members of luxury yachts as they work and play on the sea. They get to live on a ship that is impressive in nature, but they also get to make sure that the people who are staying on the yacht get to have the time of their lives. They work hard, and they play hard. Aesha Scott is one of those crew members, and she’s part of the Mediterranean cast. Let’s get to know her.

1. She’s From a Big Family

Aesha Scott is accustomed to being around a lot of people at one time. She grew up in a huge family, which tells us she’s probably not that uncomfortable being on a boat with this many people at the same time. She’s one of six kids, and four of her siblings are brothers.

2. She’s from New Zealand

She grew up in a small town in New Zealand. She always knew she would do something fun and adventurous with her life, but she never imagined that she’d spend most of her life living on a boat and taking care of the people who live on it with her. She’s been doing it for four years, now.

3. She’s Adventurous

One thing that she’s always been is someone who loves and lives for adventure. She’s into having a good time doing things that excite her, and that’s what makes her love this life she is living so much. She gets to see the world and make sure that she’s living her best life all the time, and it fulfills her.

4. She’s A Diver

When she’s not on top of the ocean living on a yacht, she’s living under it as a diver. She loves to dive, and it brings her a lot of joy. Considering her love of adventure, we can see why she’d choose this as one of her favorite activities and things to do in life.

5. She’s a Flirt

She loves to flirt with people, especially the ones she works with. We can tell you that her personal life and relationships are always big news for her on the television, and everyone is always talking about who she is dating now, what she’s up to, and what she’s got going on in her personal life. We might not always know, but we can say with absolute certainty that she is clearly enjoying her time.

6. Having Fun is Her Priority

No matter what she’s doing, whether it’s working or playing, she’s always got a goal in mind. She’s going to be the most fun, have the most fun, and make the most memories. She’s got a love of fun and adventure, and she looks to find a way to incorporate both into her life as often as she can. It’s a habit, and she’s not giving that up.

7. She Loves Working with People

When she first began yachting, she was happy to be a deck hand. However, she’s happier with the people. She loves taking care of them and having a good time, and her happiness lies in the fact that she is always doing an impeccable job with all of it. She takes a lot of pride in her work, and it shows.

8. Her Ex Cheated

She was in a great relationship with one of her cast members in 2019, Jack Stirrup, but things did not work out. They seemed amazing when they were working together, but he went home and was seeing someone else at the time, and it was a crushing situation for her.

9. She’s Got a New Man

She just went public with her new boyfriend, whose name is Scotty Dobbo. They clearly seem happy with one another, and she’s happy to take that public. They spent the entire spring in the United States doing all the things like hiking and seeing the world. They spent most of their time in Utah, Colorado, and California doing all the canoeing and biking and rock climbing and adventurous stuff.

10. She’s Friendly with Her Cast Mates

If there is one thing that we can say about her, it’s that she’s making friends easily. She’s hooked up with a few guys on the show, she’s got some good girlfriends out of it, and she’s someone who just seems happy to be with people she genuinely likes. It’s working for her, so we are all here for it.

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