Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 14 Review: “The Man Behind the Shield”

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 14 Review: "The Man Behind the Shield"

As Agents of SHIELD continues to move further into the season, things continue to escalate to incredibly crazy levels. The LMD fiasco is making things consistently tougher to follow in one of the most interesting and unique season the show has put together. The show really needed a shock like this one to keep things interesting but what has made the show even better is how well-planned everything feels. Agents of SHIELD has always been a show that felt like an extension of the Marvel Universe where certain plots or ideas could be expanded on in a small scale fashion, and while that’s a lot of fun at times, the show has never really been given an individual identity. Yet, since last season, the show has really done a nice job of becoming it’s own property and has run with it into season four, which has been consistently great.

The season has really done a nice job of incorporating the LMDs because the story has become really interesting and fun rather than basic and repetitive. Agents of SHIELD has become more than just a spy and action show but transformed itself to bring in mystery and deception that is more compelling and moves away from the stereotypical mold that it normally follows. It brings more excitement to each week’s episode not having any idea how things will evolve as each week passes. Last night, Agents of SHIELD really dove into the core of the season’s antagonist and helped to fill in one of the more questionable plot points while also intertwining the origin story for May and Coulson.

Season four has started to push Coulson and May together, finally addressing the chemistry and history the two characters have. While viewers still don’t know much about these two characters’ pasts, “The Man Behind the Shield,” begins to fill in the blanks on why Coulson and May are so close. It’s been one of Agents of SHIELD‘s best stories ever and continues to add more emotional weight within each episode. These veterans have really gone back far and have always been attracted to one another, and it’s actually a pretty sweet love story. Both Coulson and May have been a part of an organization that doesn’t really allow time to seek out companionship and sustain a successful and healthy relationship. It’s sweet to watch the two be as close as they are because it’s easy for them to be on the same page with one another when it comes down to work. The May and Coulson relationship has always been a really fun one, but it’s been nice to dive into the many layers that the two have displayed throughout the years.

In a way, sidelining May in many different ways this season has allowed Coulson to improve and grow as a character as well. Many times in the past Coulson just feels so bland and like a well oiled cog in the SHIELD machine. However, Coulson is finally getting to display a wide variety of emotions now that he’s been back in the field and it feels like he has a concrete and justified purpose. His unwillingness to give up has been a lot of fun to watch, and hopefully Agents of SHIELD continues to let the character go unleashed, even if it has to be within his escape from Aida.

Speaking of Aida though, she is probably what has made Agents of SHIELD so unique this season. The LMD that started it all has now taken a complete mind of her own and seems to be trying to replace everyone with decoys. What makes Aida’s story so interesting is that the character seems to always have a growing intelligence level and is developing her own opinions on humans. In “The Man Behind the Shield,” Aida seems to look at Mace’s beating with a disapproved look, not that she wants to stop it from happening, but just that it’s an unnecessary way to get the result wanted. With the expansion on the idea that Radcliffe and Fitz are both exploring the virtual world, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Aida attempting to cleanse the world by uploading people’s consciouses to a reality where they can live forever.

Overall, Agents of SHIELD is leaving everything up in the air right now, and the show is clearly going to get even crazier. Now that the main players on team SHIELD have been replaced with LMDs, it will be interesting to see how this all gets stopped. Fitz and Simmons are going to be main players and it will be a ton of fun to watch them step up together and solve this mystery. Another interesting idea to remember is the Darkhold, and that it’s still in play and never fully goes away. Whether it leads to the solution or is helping Aida to become more intelligent is a complete wildcard that could be a big factor in the closing of season four.

Other Thoughts:

* COOL ORIGIN STORY BRO. I’m with Coulson on this one…. Ivanov is really stretching things here when he’s nothing but a spec of dusk to Coulson.

* Aw… May gave Coulson the sunglasses idea. Adorable.

* Pretty cray finish to that episode. Seriously, how much further is this going to escalate and how do you stop it? I like the idea here that Fitz and Simmons are going to have to be the heroes of the season.

  • Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 14 Review: "The Man Behind the Shield"

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