10 Things You Didn’t Know about Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is also known as Akame Slashes. As you can tell, the title alone gives you an indication of what the story is about, but it only touches on the surface. In reality, this is a story that is about the coming of age, at least in its own unique way. Any adult that looks at their current life in comparison with the way it was when they had a childlike innocence will understand if they’ve seen any of the material related to this title. If you want to know more, consider these 10 things listed below.

1. The story was turned into manga about eight years ago

As is usually the case, the story originally started out as a group of light novels and then proved to be popular enough to be turned into manga which was then serialized. That happened about eight years ago and since that time, the story has steadily gained popularity, especially in certain parts of the world.

2. Much of the story centers on corruption

A great deal of the story does center on corruption. It involves the main character traveling across the country trying to raise money for people that are in trouble, only to discover that almost all of the individuals that were once trusted are actually corrupt. Unfortunately, this can serve as a mirror for society, especially in modern times. Perhaps that is one reason that the story resonates with so many different people.

3. It’s also about the loss of innocence

As previously mentioned, this is also a story that centers around losing one’s sense of innocence. Some people call it naivete. The thing is, everyone has that idealistic approach to things but they steadily start to lose that as they’re exposed to more and more of the real world, especially when that world is extremely harsh. This is a story about facing those realities and deciding what type of person the main character wants to become even in the face of such strife.

4. It’s definitely one of the more violent stories of its type

When it comes to violence, this is a title that basically wins in that category, hands down. It is certainly considered to be one of the more violent stories in its genre and in some cases, the violence reaches a fever pitch that can shock people who aren’t accustomed to seeing that type of thing in light novels.

5. As of about a year ago, it has its own spin off series

That being said, it has proven to be extremely popular with others, so much so that it even got its own spin-off series last year. Some people are indeed turned off by the violence but others actually seem to rather enjoy it. In the end, it comes down to a matter of personal preferences.

6. Of course, it’s been turned into anime

This really shouldn’t surprise you. Virtually every light novel that is eventually serialized in manga is turned into an anime series at one point or another. That is simply the path that almost all of these types of stories follow.

7. It’s extremely popular in the United States

In the United States, this is a story that has proven to be exceptionally popular. When it comes to anime, you might say that this is considered the go to series, as well as the standard by which virtually all other titles in the genre are measured.

8. It actually became the most watched anime series in the US

As far as viewers in the United States are concerned, there is no anime series that’s better than this one. It actually achieved status as the most-watched series of its type in the country and it’s still going strong.

9. Many people think that it’s popular because of its violence

The truth is, a lot of people suspect that the reason it is so popular in the United States is because of its level of violence. The types of violence that occur in television and movies in the US is enough to shock most people so even though people in other parts of the world are somewhat dismayed by the violence in this title, it’s not really anything that shocking to American viewers. Obviously, it seems to appeal to them.

10. There are 15 volumes of material

There is plenty of material to expand on, thanks to the number of volumes of light novels that currently exist.

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