Alaskan Bush People: Remembering Bear Brown’s Greatest Pick-Up Lines

Alaskan Bush People comes back to Discovery tonight with an all new episode, but rather than focus on what’s coming up tonight I felt like taking a look back at something completely hilarious.  The year was 2014 and Bear Brown was in lady finding mode.  Apparently folks in the bush know a little something that perhaps us men in the Northeast don’t?  Bear probably thought so as he shared some of his most fantastic pick-up lines.  Let’s go over some of the best ones:

“I love to dig in the dirt.”

“I love to start fires.”

“Have you ever had a deer rib hooked over an open fire slowly roasted?”

Want to know what his perfect date looks like?  “You start in the woods,  and you make it to your skef (I still can’t make out what he said).  From that skef you make it to another island.  And from that island you make it to a nice big tree for two, and you crawl up there preferably around sunset.”

“That’s a good time for me, climbing trees.”

Unfortunately I’m not sure how Bear would fare outside of Alaska, let alone anywhere.  This clip is comedy gold.


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