Alfre Woodard is moving to “Three Rivers”

Pittsburgh just got a little more interesting.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has reported that Alfre Woodward (Desperate Housewives) has joined the cast of CBS’s new Pittsburgh based hospital drama Three Rivers. Alfre will play lead doctor Sophia Jordan, who was originally played by Julia Ormond in the pilot.

Three Rivers chronicles the lives of three different worlds. First, the lives of the doctors who work in transplant surgery, second, the family of the transplant giver, and lastly, the transplant receiver. The series also stars among others, Moonlight‘s Alex O’Laughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski and Katherine Moennig as two docs that are could be a little too passionate for the patients, which causes them to butt heads with Dr. Jordan. Alex and Katherine will return to Pittsburgh to shoot on location for multiple episodes the Post Gazette also reports.

Also announced earlier this month was that relative newcomer Amber Clayton is joining the cast in a recurring capacity as a love interest to Alex O’Laughlin’s character as well as the liaison to bring in transplant organs to the hospital. Amber has yet to be tested on television, so her acting chops have yet to be accessed but I hope she can be a break out newcomer like Allison Miller on this years great-but-failed NBC show Kings. Still to be recast is Joaquim de Almeida (Crusoe) as the villainous hospital administrator.

I had a chance to watch the original pilot of the drama premiering October 4th at 9/8c on CBS a little while back, and this casting of Alfre Woodward gives a little more in the project. Julia Ormond was particularly bland and unresponsive in the pilot and did not look like she wanted to be there. The pilot as a whole was interesting but did not captivate me the way I would like, which is something that hopefully will be fixed by the re-shoot of the episode in the styling and writing of the medical drama.

We will have to see.


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