Alice Cooper Says Religion Saved His Life But That He Can Still be a Rockstar

Religion might have saved Alice Cooper’s life but it didn’t dictate that he couldn’t be a rockstar, which is fortunate really. However it did take a brush with the reaper to make him change his ways since at one point he was drinking so much that one morning he woke up vomiting blood and needing a quick trip to the ER. From that point on however he quit the lifestyle and went back to the church to be thankful for the opportunity to keep on with the living for another few decades. Since then he’s been a practicing Christian and yet has still been doing his thing.

School’s not out for this rocker since his view of Christianity is not that of the religious nutjobs that tend to give Christians a bad name. Instead he spends Sunday’s in church and finds time for Bible study pretty much every day. But when he’s not practicing his faith he’s still been rocking it as a superstar as people have come to know him as. The 70-year old rocker has expressed his belief that Christianity is more of a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ than the cult-like following that many people seem to think of the religion as. To be fair Christians are known in many different ways and those that are usually the most well-liked are those that don’t judge and don’t bother to condemn others but get on with their own lives in the fashion they decide is right for them. That would include Alice’s rocker persona, as he firmly believes that being a Christian doesn’t mean that he can’t still rock and roll.

That’s a relief to a lot of his fans since he’s been one of the premier rockers in the industry for quite some time. What he’s like onstage though is obviously a lot different than what he shows when off with his family or just when he’s out and about. In that case he’s just a normal, average guy that loves to rock and still loves the lord in his own manner. Christians do get a bad rap a lot of times when it comes to those that take the religion too far and seek to condemn those that are different than they are and decide to ostracize others for beliefs that they feel are wrong and otherwise contradictory to Christianity. Whether Cooper believes any of that hype or not the bad name that Christians take on usually comes from the fact that they’ve been seen as crazed zealots so often that anyone that claims Christianity as their religion is lumped in with them without a second thought.

That kind of thinking is erroneous but it’s not too surprising really since religion has been seen as a way to divide people for a long time. It becomes an us vs. them kind of thing that separates people when it should be more of an us AND them, which is still divisive but is far more capable of showing tolerance and acceptance.

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