Alicia Silverstone Dresses Up As Clueless’ Cher For Lip Sync Battle

Well there’s a blast from the past. Alicia Silverstone getting dressed up as Cher from Clueless is an image that a lot of us haven’t seen in a while. There’s no Clueless reunion or remake on the horizon so far as we can tell, this was just a nice surprise that happened on the set of Lip Sync Battle and was worthy of paying attention to. After all Silverstone was something of a crush of a lot of adolescent guys back in the day, especially in this film and a few others. She almost always played a young woman what was obsessed with something or someone however. In Clueless however she was kind of a ditz that had to figure things out on her own and had to figure out that the world didn’t revolve around her.

Silverstone has continued to act throughout the years but she’s been a lot more low-key than usual and has eventually matured into the woman we see below. She and Mena Suvari were both seen as sex symbols in their own respective movies and were looked at as young women in the prime of their lives that could do no wrong. For Silverstone it was Clueless, The Crush, and a few others that really helped her break into the scene, as well as the Aerosmith video Crazy that she starred in with Liv Tyler. For Suvari the American Pie movie and it’s follow-up, American Pie 2, were enough to cement her famed status, but her role in American Beauty went a long way towards making her a known person as well.

But then they both did films that didn’t really compliment them in any way, shape, or form. For Silverstone the dropoff point seemed to be Batman and Robin when she got introduced to the duo as Alfred’s niece and then later on as Batgirl. This movie wasn’t as bad as it got but it was definitely something her career snagged on during her descent into mediocrity. She’s still a fun actress to watch, but her career took a definite turn from the fame and limelight that she’d been enjoying for so long.

Suvari was a costar in a little-known film titled Spun, which was about the decrepit and disgusting world of drug addicts that was far too graphic and made a lot of viewers cringe at certain parts. She plays a rotten-toothed meth addict that looks just nasty and is about as out of her gourd as she can be. The entire film is just one long meth-infused trip but somehow managed to nab a long list of talent including John Leguizamo, Mickey Rourke, Jason Schwartzman, and several others. Her career bounced back a little better and she’s been in about the same boat as Silverstone when it comes to fame really, which means they’re both doing alright.

Whether the two of them are going to battle on Lip Sync Battle or if it will be Silverstone and someone else would be equally great since it’d be nice to see them both again.

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