All 12 Zodiac Signs Represented by Overwatch Characters

I’ll be 100% honest here.  I’m not a fan of horoscopes or zodiac signs or anything like that.  I don’t find it to be a particularly interesting or valuable use of my time.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t find them entertaining.  While I won’t go online to check my horoscopes every day, when something like what the folks over at Dorkly did today comes along, I’ll happily take a look and share if I think it’s good enough.

This is definitely good enough.  Artists Julia Lepetit and Tristan Cooper have taken all 12 zodiac signs and gave them an Overwatch characters theme with full descriptions.  Needless to say, these are delightful.

Check out these genius creations by Julia Lepetit and Tristan Cooper:


Bright and outgoing, willing to take charge and lead the way — even if that means jumping the gun.


A compassionate and devoted soul that sometimes allows emotion to overcome them.


Unwilling to choose sides, they always want everyone to work together. The glue of social groups.


The gruff and obstinate exterior belies a reliable, responsible and loving parent.


Patient and committed. Not afraid to get their hands dirty. Maybe too dirty.


Their generosity is only rivaled by the size of their heart. Just don’t expect them to change.


Complete and total Edgelord.


Thoughtful and independent. Prone to mood swings, though sometimes they have no mood at all.


Two very different edges that belong to the same sword. Has trouble admitting they’re wrong.


Logical and intelligent. You always know where they stand, because it’s always the same.


Explosive extrovert. They love to travel, but they won’t be tied down.


A kind and sage spirit that is known for getting hung up on the past.

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