10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alondra Delgado

Alondra Delgado is lovely, talented, and she’s ready to take on a new role in a new series. She’s really been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry as of late, and she’s finding herself with more and more fans each day. With the influx of new fans all the time, she’s also finding that people want to know more about her. Who is she? What’s she like? What made her decide this is what she wanted to do with her life? We can tell you all of that and more about the young woman taking on a big new role.

1. She’s Young

Delgado is still so young, but she’s making some big moves. She was born in August 1997. Her time in the 90s probably isn’t a time she remembers well being almost three when the decade ended, but it was such a good time to live.

2. She Loves Traveling

Anyone who wants to learn more about the world and the different cultures that exist outside their own personal culture does. It’s a big place, and there is always so much to learn. Delgado is often seen on her social media platforms traveling and spending time in other locations, and we get the distinct impression from her that she loves her travels.

3. She Has Spanish Roots

We don’t know precisely where her Spanish heritage comes from, but we do know that Alondra is a Spanish word that means defender. Her last name, Delgado, is also Portuguese. We don’t know her family tree, but we imagine that it has a very long, rich history that many would love to delve into.

4. She’s a Dog Lover

She has a darling little pup, who looks a lot like a French Bulldog to us – but we can’t be sure that the dog is exactly this breed. Either way, it doesn’t matter what he is, because he is the sweetest pup we’ve ever seen. She calls him Cash, and she refers to him as her son, so she’s definitely a dog mom.

5. She Doesn’t Smile in Pictures

She posted a photograph to her Instagram account in January 2021 in which she mentions she rarely smiles in photos. We don’t know why she doesn’t, though. She was smiling in that one, and her smile is lovely. She should try changing it up a bit.

6. She Seems Happiest by the Water

It’s not unusual. I, too, am happiest by the water. Alondra Delgado posts most of her photos either in a pool or by a body of water, so we imagine that her time is well spent enjoying the beach and the summer season as often as possible. She’s just like the rest of us, honestly.

7. She’s Educated

It seems that she’s done some really good work in her life because she learned from the best of the best. She graduated from the New York Film Academy with a bachelor’s degree back in 2018. She’s proud of her accomplishment, and she very well should be. That’s a huge thing to get to say you did in life, and she’s over here just doing it.

8. She’s Very Confident

When you find a young woman who posts almost nothing but photos of herself in bikinis, crop tops, and short shorts, you know she’s happy with herself. You know she’s confident in her own skin, she’s happy with her body, and she’s not letting the world tell her what they think she should or shouldn’t look like. To us, that’s the epitome of confidence, and may she never lose that feeling of being happy in her own skin.

9. She’s A Baseball Fan

She’s a happy baseball fan, and she’s happy to go to a game when her team is in town. She’s from Puerto Rico from what we understand – she regularly calls it her country, so we assume she was very likely born there – and when her team is in town playing in Dodger Stadium, you can bet she’s right there watching them play.

10. She Stays to Herself

She might share photos of herself on social media, and we know she likes to travel and that she loves what she’s doing for work in the acting business, but we also know next to nothing about her personal life. She doesn’t share much. She has no photos of her family, of her home, or even of her friends. Her photos are all about her, though she did throw us one of her puppy recently. She is good at keeping her life to herself.

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