It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 2 Review: “The Gang Group Dates”

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s no surprise that no one in the gang has had much luck with long term relationships, considering how awful they are as people. Last night’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “The Gang Group Dates,” highlighted the strengths, and more prominently, the weaknesses of each character as they attempted to pick up members of the opposite sex. Naturally, this led to hilarious results and very little success for everyone involved.

Objectively, Dennis has probably had the most success dating out of everyone in the group, using the D.E.N.N.I.S System to pick up women. He’s incredibly narcissistic, though, which became evident in last night’s episode. After taking Mac and Charlie under his wing and having his system ruined by them, he went online and discovered that he had been given a one star rating. Dennis quickly became obsessed with getting girls to rank him as a ‘five star man,’ focusing only on that and abandoning his system. Watching Dennis have a mental breakdown is always incredibly entertaining, and last night was no exception. His delusion is that he believes that everyone should love him, and he is shocked when this doesn’t end up happening.

Dee, also known as ‘the bird lady,’ often appears to be the most sane out of the gang, but the illusion never lasts long. After being dumped by someone who she thought she was dating, she took to sleeping with random men and then proceeding to give them a low rating online. According to the D.E.E System (Do them, Establish low rating, Encrease power), this plan was supposed to empower Dee, but it ended up making guys believe that she was easy. This is a problem Dee often runs into when dating, believing that men are into her when really they’re only interested in one thing. Dee’s main delusion is that she believes she’s more desirable than she actually is.

Frank, ‘the troll man,’ who has had a surprising amount of success dating, most notably with Artemis, helps Charlie and Mac after Dennis gives up on them. The reason Frank has had some success with women is that he understands them better than anyone else in the group. He doesn’t necessarily care about them, but he knows what to do and say so that he can get what he wants. In this episode, he tries to instill some of that knowledge in Charlie and Mac, teaching them topics that they should avoid talking about if they want to be successful with women. If it weren’t for the other two, he may have once again found success, despite his delusion about his “abilities” in the bedroom at his age.

Charlie and Mac, ‘the dirty one’ and ‘the gay one,’ have both had limited dating success due to their less than impressive social skills. Charlie has deluded himself into believing that he still has a chance with the waitress, while Mac thinks that he is strong and should therefore be desirable to women. However, neither of them understand women, something that Frank tries to teach them, and they eventually do manage to make it through a whole conversation with three attractive women, something that surprises all three of them to the point that they don’t know what to do next. No matter how hard Frank tried to teach them proper social skills around women, they couldn’t keep it together long enough to close the deal.

Last night’s episode provided an interesting look into the gang’s dating habits, using group dating to do so. The result was another hilarious episode, as It’s Always Sunny continues to stay fresh in its tenth season. Really, I see no reason why this show shouldn’t go on forever. After all, the gang will always remain horrible people, and there are so many stories that can be told about that.

Stray thoughts:

-It was nice to see the gang back in Paddy’s Pub.

-Glenn Howerton stole the episode through his portrayal of Dennis’ mental breakdown.

-Obviously, all cowboys really do hate teachers.

-If Charlie doesn’t end up with the waitress, I will lose all faith in love

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