Amazing Performance of Classic Star Trek Theme by Spanish Soprano Opera Singer

Even if you’re not a Trekkie this music should bring back a few memories, and when the Spanish opera singer starts up it should blow your hair back a little bit since this woman can surely project her voice in a way that would make just about anyone stand up and take a bow. David Pescovitz of BoingBoing has more on this topic. Throwing up the Vulcan sign for live long and prosper at the end was a nice touch as well since if there’s one thing you can’t have Star Trek without it’s the iconic symbols that have helped to make the franchise so great over the many years. The music is just as iconic and is able to be recognized by the first few chords with most people since it’s been around for so long.  The fact that it’s used as a warm-up for this woman is kind of nice since it shows her range and her capability as a singer. Plus, for one reason or another it’s always nice to hear the Star Trek  theme in a different medium for one reason or another, as it gives a kind of thrill to hear it being passed along the halls of pop culture in such a classical manner.

Of course this is the old school theme we’re talking about since the newer shows took on a different tune and eventually the old theme was left behind along with many other concepts. That’s the way of it though when things get created as things are left behind and hopefully remembered even if they won’t ever be forgotten as being the building blocks of a beloved art form that people embrace in the modern era. Opera is still a big thing with many people after all even if in the current era some folks have little to no use for it since to be fair it is long-winded and kind of hard to get into for those that were born into a generation where fast-paced sounds and heavy-hitting lyrics were the thing instead of a story being told through full-bodied sound that requires a trained and very skilled individual who’s been singing for some time. Some might say that badmouthing opera is a sign of low breeding and a definite lack of culture, and really it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment, mostly because badmouthing anything a person doesn’t understand is a sign of low breeding and a lack of culture. It’s one thing to not fully understand it and not like it because it’s not a preference, but learning to at least appreciate something for its form and functionality is far wiser than simply dumping on it because one doesn’t care for it. Opera is not for everyone to be realistic since it doesn’t speak to one person as it speaks to another, but just from a bystander’s point of view there is something inherently impressive about it. Matthew Hart of Nerdist had more to say on the subject.

It’s far more versatile than a lot of people might give it credit for as well since opera singers can take quite a few pieces and make something classical out of them, just as an orchestra can. That’s the wonder of music after all, so long as someone has the inclination and the ear for it, just about any song ever created can be made to fit into a different style. It might not strike the ear the same way when it’s remixed, but at the same time it becomes something just a little different that people can enjoy or at least admit they’ve heard and may or may not like. Star Trek’s theme definitely falls into this category since as an operatic piece it becomes something quite interesting that differs just enough from the TV version, which isn’t too different obviously, but is still its own entity. Someone would likely have to explain to a person that’s not a Trekkie just why the music is so great, but for those that have either watched the show or are die hards when it comes to the franchise the first few notes of this piece are great since it brings back a lot of pleasant memories no doubt of a time when things were a little simpler and a TV show was the high point of the day since it was something that a person had waited all day and possibly all week for.

Star Trek has been such a welcome part of pop culture that it’s been one of the few franchises that has really survived this long without needing to change the core of what it’s all about. John Jurgensen of The Wall Street Journal had something to say regarding this. The people, the aliens,  the ships, and just about everything else has changed with time, but Star Trek has remained largely the same throughout, and the fans have no doubt loved every second of it. This just helps them to love it even more.

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