Amazon Creates Gadget For Those Clueless Grandparents In SNL Parody Ad

They are your parents and your grandparents.  These are the people you are impatient with because while they’d like to think they understand today’s age in electronics most of them still don’t understand what “double click” means.  Often times our older generation becomes a little overbearing and in this fast world we don’t always have time to answer all of their requests.  Somehow they find a way to switch their televisions off of the input for the television or forget how to work their thermostat, forcing you to swoop in and look like a genius. Some folks need that in their lives, but others could use a break just to get away. Whatever the case is, the “Amazon Echo Silver” is going to put all of your assistance worries to rest.   According to Uproxx:

The machine has built in replies for people who ramble,  the ability to connect to all those smart devices your grandparents don’t know how to use, and programming that allows it to recognize any name that is anywhere close to “Alexa.” It’s also super loud, meaning they’ll still be able to hear it above the television volume that plagues the neighborhood dogs and cats.

Check it out below:

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