Amazon is Developing an Alex Cross Series Based on the Novels

Alex Cross

Right now how a person feels about Alex Cross would be the best indicator as to whether or not they want to see the figure come to the small screen and try to pick up where Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry left off. Plus there’s the idea of who would play the character since those that enjoyed the movies might have thought that the two men did a great job. The only issue is that both of them are getting a little old, Freeman more so than Perry, and it’s likely that picking a younger man to take up the role would be the ideal. Plus, Perry’s been kind of busy with opening his own studio and getting the ball rolling on projects of his own that trying to bring him back would be a little difficult if not impossible at this point, or so it would appear. At this time there are 29 books in the Alex Cross series as Jessica Fisher of GeekTyrant reminds us and while they’re all under the name of James Patterson they’re like to get some play, despite the fact that Patterson has fooled a lot of people into thinking that he actually writes for those that enjoy reading.

If anything Patterson has found out a model to deliver to people that aren’t so interesting in reading what some might call long-winded but very descriptive books and has given them the kind of stories that can satisfy those with an attention span that lasts all of three seconds before needing to move on. That’s kind of amusing really since the Alex Cross stories are still something that need to be read and comprehended in order to really get the gist of what’s going on, meaning that someone who is going to write more than a few sentences that are declarative and designed for those that ‘can’t waste time’ on a regular read will enjoy. The Alex Cross series has proven to be entertaining for many people that have read the books and watched the movies but they do call out to a certain type that enjoy such stories and aren’t bothered by the pace that a few of them tend to take. Kiss the Girls for instance was a movie that dragged on for a bit, as was Along Came a Spider. The intensity and the thrill was there, but it wasn’t quite the same as the movies that really keep people on the edge of their seat. That being said though there are plenty of people that would like to see this idea come to fruition since waiting for each and every Alex Cross movie to come out might be too much for any fan while being able to binge-watch them on Amazon could be something that a lot of people could get behind, if this happens to be the model that Amazon is looking for.

Who they would get for the role might be interesting since there are likely a lot of young men that could take on the role of Alex Cross but at this point it’s definitely a scheduling maze since a lot of people are embroiled in a lot of different projects that could possibly take them out of the running. Then there’s the idea that a certain type of individual is needed to play Alex Cross since just slapping anyone in there could be a possibly mistake that might backfire and cause the proposed series to take a nosedive before it even gets off the ground. Michael B. Jordan might be a good idea, but there a lot of other successful and very talented younger black men and even middle-aged black men that could take up this role and make it work for them in a big way. What will happen in the days to come is anyone’s guess since at this point the details are kind of sparse apart from the fact that Amazon does want to do this and appears rather keen on moving forward with the books. Denise Petski of Deadline has more to offer on this subject. Given that it would be going off the stories there’s obviously a lot of material that could keep a series running for a while and enough ideas that the writers could work with, if they keep things tight to the source in some regards, that would enable such a series to last for a while to come. How they’re going to go about finding the cast doesn’t sound like much of an issue, the only real issue will be making sure that people stay interested enough to stick around and possibly enjoy the series enough to warrant each new season that Amazon wants to produce.

At this time it does sound as though enough people would want to see this happen, but until it’s up on the screen we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

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