Amazon Series “The Romanoffs” – What we Know So far

“The Romanoffs” is an upcoming series that will be available to interested individuals through Amazon Video. As its name, it will be centered around the House of Romanov, which ruled Russia from 1613 to 1917. To be exact, it will be centered around a number of characters who are united by their belief that they are descended from the last Tsar of Russia.

For those who are unfamiliar with what happened, the House of Romanov lost its power over Russia because of the February Revolution, which was fueled by serious misrule. For example, a failure to modernize had resulted in a series of catastrophes, which was not helped by an infamous incident of Tsarist soldiers firing on an unarmed crowd of peaceful demonstrators. Furthermore, Tsar Nicholas II responded to horrendous Russian losses in the First World War by taking personal command, which was not just a complete and utter failure because he was a poor commander but also because his absence meant that the Russian homefront had no real leadership. As a result, he lost the confidence of the Russian people bit by bit, which combined with his unwillingness to address the issues to make the February Revolution no more than a matter of time.

When it came, the result of the revolution on the House of Romanov was brutal. For a time, Tsar Nicholas II and his immediate family were imprisoned by the provisional government, which was so ineffectual that it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks. Eventually, the Bolsheviks decided that the Romanovs could not be permitted to live because of the political threat that said individuals represented to their control, which resulted in the mass murder of the entire family as well as others of the House of Romanov. Later, the paucity of information about exactly what happened inspired a number of people to claim to be Romanovs who had survived the mass murder, though we now know that to be improbable to say the least because a second burial site uncovered in 2007 means that the entire family has been accounted for.

What Do We Know about The Romanovs?

Summed up,The Romanovs will be about characters claiming to be members of the House of Romanov via Tsar Nicholas II. In total, it will consist of eight episodes, with each episode centered around a separate cast of characters in a separate setting. Half of the episodes will be filmed in the United States, while the other half will be filmed in other countries.

With that said, the main reason that people should be interested in The Romanoffs is the fact that it is the brainchild of Matthew Weiner, who might be more familiar to most people as the creator of Mad Men. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Weiner has attempted to recruit those who worked with him on Mad Men for his new series, meaning that fans of the series can expect a similar if not the same level of expertise and experience being put behind this particular project. For the time being, it remains unknown whether Mad Men actors and actresses will be showing up in the series as well, but considering the members of the crew, fans of that TV show should have plenty to look forward to from The Romanoffs.

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