AMC Picks Up Turn for Season Two


AMC has struggled as of late to find shows to replace its aging giants, namely the recently ended Breaking Bad, and the about-to-be-ended Mad Men. That leaves them with The Walking Dead, while a cultural and ratings hit, their only major program.

Their other new ventures into original programming have been decidedly mixed to date, but it seems that they’ve found a bit of a spark with Turn, their revolutionary war drama. Though it hasn’t exactly set critics or audiences on fire, it’s been a solid performer for AMC, which is why they’ve just picked it up for season two. AMC explains:

“Craig Silverstein, Barry Josephson and a talented cast and crew delivered a truly distinctive and engaging premiere season. We look forward to continuing this revolutionary journey into season two,” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “AMC and its creative partners have a track record of nurturing programs we collectively believe in, patiently growing viewership and engagement over time. With Turn, once again, we dive in with our partners to build upon this very promising first season.”

To be fair, Breaking Bad was hardly a smash hit right out of the gate either, and it took years to build it into the cultural powerhouse it became. Could Turn someday blossom from bud into rose? That’s what AMC is hoping for, as they don’t want to simply rely on old favorites and spin-offs of those old favorites (Better Call Saul) going forward.

Does Turn deserve a second season? What about it have you liked or disliked so far?

[Photo via AMC]

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