10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amelie Zilber

If you don’t know how Amelie Zilber is known by many for her online presence, and she’s someone people adore. They watch her online social media channels and accounts like it’s their job, but what do you really know about her? Most of us don’t know that much about the young success, so we thought we might go through her life and learn as much about her as we possibly can. So, here are some of the things we think you want to know about her.

1. She Grew Up in LA

She’s lived in the same house her entire life. She’s only 18, and she still lives with her family. Something she once shared in a video she put on her YouTube channel is that she’s never moved. Like, she’s never moved out of the house she grew up in. She’s been there for 18 years.

2. Her Parents are Divorced

She was very young when her parents decided to end their marriage. She was around five when they divorced, and she doesn’t remember them very much. She doesn’t have a lot of memories of her living with them together or her entire family even being whole, which is one of those things that does make us sad.

3. She Lived with Her Mom

Her mom had primary custody of her and her brother. They spent one night a week with him, and they spent every other weekend with him. The rest of the time, they were with their mother. She calls her brother a genius, and she feels less than ideal about her own intelligence when she’s around him.

4. She Didn’t Like Growing Up With Divorced Parents

No one does, though. She had a rough time with that, and it’s affected her growing up.

5. She Speaks French

Her father is French, and so are her grandparents. She is bilingual for a reason, and that is because she grew up speaking French with her father and the paternal side of her family. However, she’s also Lebanese due to her mother’s side of her family.

6. She’s Political

It doesn’t matter that she’s young. Her brother and mother are both very political, and she learned from them. She wanted to be able to be part of their conversations. She was left out, so she made it her mission in life to learn as much about politics as possible. She wanted to get into their conversations, so she learned every single thing that she could about politics so that she could be. And, it worked for her.

7. She Believes Beautiful Girls are Smart

She’s a model, but she’s also smart. She knows this, and she knows that being beautiful doesn’t mean she’s stupid, or that any other beautiful woman is stupid. She’s all about being beautiful and smart, and she thinks that’s something that needs to be normalized in life.

8. She Wants Kids to Learn Politics

Her entire goal in life is to make sure that kids learn to take part in politics. She wants them to know that it’s good to know, and that it’s good to be smart, and that it’s important they know what is going on in the world. She tries to take the news and political information and break it down to make it simple for her young followers to understand, and that’s something she does to give back.

9. She’s a Model

She’s been doing this since she was 15, but she is very honest about how intense it is. She says being a teenager is not something that makes modeling easier, and it’s all because you are told constantly that you might not be thin enough, pretty enough, etc. She had to learn that who she is on the inside is what counts more than what’s on the outside. She’s not sure that this is career path for anyone who is not comfortable and confident in who they are inside or how they look otherwise.

10. She Struggles

She wasn’t someone who was included a lot when she was younger. She says she wasn’t picked first, no one wanted to really hang out with her growing up. She had to change her lifestyle, and she had to learn to take care of herself. She calls herself formerly fat, and she didn’t do a good job helping herself lose weight. She went right into an eating disorder, and she was able to lose the weight – but it was already too late in terms of her health and her mental health. She’s thankful and blessed to have been able to get her life in order and learn to keep herself healthy in the way that counts.

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