American Crime Story Will Take on Bill Clinton Impeachment

Monica Lewinsky

One has to wonder if Democrats, or even just Hillary supporters, are going to be tuning in to American Crime Story when it dramatizes the Bill Clinton Impeachment. A lot of us were still in high school or college when this happened, remember? Clinton vehemently denied the allegations at first and then finally stepped up to admit to them and was subsequently impeached for it. While a lot of people might want to forget these days the memories that are bound to be brought up in September 2020 when this show comes out are bound to come racing back since this was a rather tense and very uncomfortable time in the history of the US presidency since impeachment is a very serious issue. The idea that the president of the United States, someone that was supposed to be beyond reproach at most times, managed to lie in such a manner to the American people, is something that hasn’t been forgotten, and likely won’t be any time soon after this show makes its way to the audience.

Lynn Elber of ABC News4 has even announced that Monica Lewinsky will be helping out with the show, and Sarah Paulson will be playing the part of Linda Tripp. This season of American Crime Story is already becoming something that many people might be willing to watch since it explores a very tumultuous time in our history that wasn’t all that long ago and has still remained pertinent today. It’s likely to cause a pretty big stir with people on either side as well as Democrats and Republicans will no doubt have their say and gladly chime in whenever they feel the need to speak to the accuracy or lack thereof. In any case the show that is caused by the next season of ACS could be even better than the show itself. That’s a bit of opinionated humor of course but what might really happen is that it could open the eyes of many as to what was happening in the lives of women that were involved in this scandal.

After all, as Anthony D’Alessandro of Deadline has written there was a lot going on at this time and people were so heavily influenced by the scandal that it was pretty easy to see how the impact on the women involved might have been glossed over a time or two. A president was looking at impeachment after all, and as serious as the case was and as damaging as it likely was to the women in question their stories were kind of pushed to the side just a bit in order to give maximum coverage to the downfall of Bill Clinton. Anyone that remembers what was happening back then likely recalls that the Democrats were not seen in a very kind light for a while since the president was vilified in a massive way and wasn’t allowed to live this down for a long, long time. In fact you could say that he still hasn’t lived it down since people are more than willing to bring it up again and again when mentioning his name.

But as you can guess FX has already been put on the spot for wanting to air this in September since it comes so close to, and will likely run through the 2020 elections, thereby shining a rather negative light on the Democratic party as some might see it. As Fred Topei of SlashFilm writes though, this idea has been kicking around for a while and there was no real thought as to affecting the election when it was decided to release it in September. It would seem that if the Democrats are truly that worried that this show will help Trump’s campaign that they might want to do something other than hassling a network that is designed to entertain the people and focus more on their political platform, but as you can guess this likely won’t be the case. FX is already standing firm in their decision on the release date but as it’s still a ways off we’re going to have to wait and see just what will happen. Cooler heads might prevail and reach a compromise, or it could be that FX will boldly tell Democrats that their programming takes precedence over hurt feelings and a possible reminder to the people that history is just that, history, and not worth bringing into the present in an attempt to ruin anyone.

The reminder of what happened back then is likely going to be an eye-opener for a lot of people since there are those that were too young to recall what happened and there are those that still want to deny that it was absolutely necessary. But one thing is certain, once the show comes on people are going to be reminded all too well what went down back in the late 90s and why the name Clinton is considered to be less than trustworthy.

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