American Idol Recap – Avril Lavigne Sucks as a Judge (PAULA!)

I’m totally biased. I’m not watching Idol this season because, like a lot of people, I watch as much for the judges as I do the singers. Tonight, I boldly decided to tune in – if only for the reason that I’m sort of a Katy Perry fan boy and she was guest judging tonight along with Avril Lavigne.

I’ve been complaining right up to the start of American Idol Season 9 that this whole guest judge thing seems so totally random, as does the curious hiring of Ellen Degeneres to replace Paula Abdul. Boy, did tonight prove me totally right. Case in point: Avril Lavigne. This girl is plain mean. Besides being generally condescending and a total bore, she didn’t even seem to get the spirit of the show. For instance, Pastor Jim Ranger not only had the cahones to audition with an original song – and it was better than Kara’s pop-tripe – but he totally nailed it. Lavigne gives him a no because he has a family, and she doesn’t think he’s ready for the commitment. Luckily, it appears her vote doesn’t matter because Jim is going to Hollywood.

Perry, on the other hand, was as irreverent and delightful as anyone would expect. Despite ruffling a few feathers by revealing some favoritism when she appeared as a guest last year, Perry was more in the spirit of Idol than, well, Idol! At one point, Perry even upbraided Kara for focusing on a contestants ‘back story,’ reminding her that this was a singing competition, not a sympathy play. Sheesh.

Honestly, I can’t imagine where this will all be going when the actual competition kicks in. Seeing guest judging not work is enough to give an Idol fan pause. What if Ellen doesn’t work? A season worth of feeling uncomfortable directing your eyes to the screen? Ruh Roh.


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