American Idol Scandal – Golightly Does Not Go Quietly

Oh, the drama. It turns out one of the American Idol final 24 is actually a professional. That’s right, Chris Golightly has been bounced from American Idol because he is currently under a two-year contract with Dream Productions, but he’s trying his hardest to deny it.

Golightly was quick to cry fowl when American Idol producers caught him in the act of hiding the contract. His first line of defense was to produce an expired contract, but he failed to mention that the contract was supplanted by a new contract which extended that one. Luckily for the truth seekers of the world, the man who holds that contract over Chris isn’t nearly as duplicitous as Chris himself. While Chris campaigns to turn public opinion against American Idol, Lawrence Franklin – the producer who signed Chris – has come public and stated that Golightly is indeed under contract.

American Idol producers are sticking to the high road though – they state that their rules call for a disqualification should a contestant fail to divulge any details of a previous contract whether it is active or not. A much more tasteful reasoning then “That Golightly guy is a lying douchebag.” For Golightly’s side of the unpleasantness, maybe it is time for him to stop whining about missing his American Idol shot and go back to his lucrative development contract with a record label. Presumably, at least a couple of the contestants are hoping to end up where he already is.


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