American Idol – The All ‘Idol Judging Panel is Happening … Who’s First?

Speaking of American Idol … one of the rumored plans to reinvigorate Fox’s once ratings dominating franchise was to load the Judging panel with previous Idols.  I reiterate:  It’s the contestants, stupid!  For what it is worth though, this could be an interesting change to the format since everyone of the proposed panel members has experience with not only the contest, but what it is like to fail, come close, or win the competition.

According to multiple sources, one of Idol’s most successful losers, Jennifer Hudson, has signed on to be a judge.  This is an excellent choice since Jennifer’s success outside of the show really exemplifies how you don’t need to win the contest to benefit from being on the show.  Hudson’s perspective would provide for some interesting feedback once the competition reaches the heated final quarter.

Another name close to closing a deal is Kelly Clarkson, Idol’s first winner ever.  For sure, this strategy would not work without Clarkson;  or would not work as well at least.  Clarkson is iconic in the American Idol universe and is a feisty and intelligent speaker that is very watchable.

So a final runner up would make this strategy complete, and Idol producers are currently courting Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken for the final spot.  Lambert seems the best choice, but also as a very active performer the least likely if Fox is sticking to their guns about Diva Paychecks.  Aiken has nothing better to do and is somewhat of an Idol icon all his own, so he could certainly work out.


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