American Idol Winner Must Overcome Ratings Catastrope

As the American Idol Winner, Candice Glover might well face the biggest challenge of any previous winner:  the seasons catastrophic ratings.  There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that this season of Idol drew attention to all the wrong factors, but ultimately it is Candice that must deal with the fallout. Fox, for their part, can simply move on to retooling the next season in hopes of recovering some of their lost ratings;  Glover must deal with presenting an album without the boost of name appeal that usually comes with an Idol finale.

In a sense of raw numbers, Idol’s finale brought in 14.2 Million viewers, 34 Percent down from last year’s finale.  Is there a proven correlation between the ratings and album sales?  Comparing a bit of the data available online it seems there is a slightly barometric effect, but it’s hardly scientific.  Common sense, however, does offer this:  the more of the target audience that watches the contest the better.  In this case, as American Idol Winner, Glover is starting out with a 42% deficit from last season.

For their part Interscope, the label that publishes American Idol Winner albums, isn’t wasting anytime trying to get Glover’s album out within the range of whatever halo of interest the finale did produce.  They have announced Glover’s album will be released as early as July 16th.  In wouldn’t seem in that case that they are allowing much time for an intricate production.


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