10 Things You Didn’t Know about Analyse Talavera

Analyse Talavera

Season 21 of CBS’ popular realty show “Big Brother” premiered with a special two part episode on June 25 and 26. We got to meet the cast and are watching each week as the House Guests compete against each other hoping to win the $500,000 prize. “Big Brother’s” first season premiered in 1997 and it continues to run strong. Each week, House Guests form alliances and try to outsmart each other while living together, isolated from the world in a house with 24/7 surveillance. Each week there is a contest and someone is evicted. One new House Guest thinks she’s watched the show enough to know how to win. Analyse Talavera, a recent college graduate and soccer player is proving to have an interesting strategy. Most recently, fans are getting to really know her and see what makes her tick. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Analyse Talavera.

1. Big Brother

Who’s in the cast of Season 21 of CBS’ “Big Brother”? This season’s cast includes a diverse group of twenty and thirty year olds. Many of these millennials were born when “Big Brother” premiered. It’s clear that some have watched the show most of their lives and some have never watched an episode. Analyse Talavera was born the year “Big Brother” premiered and claims to be a big fan of the realty television show. It will be interesting to see the House Guests interact as they are monitored 24/7 and isolated from the world until the last one is left standing.

2. Big Brother Strategy

Before joining “Big Brother”, Analyse Talavera was asked what her strategy would be to win the realty show and outlast the other House Guests. She’s watched the show enough to know that the best strategy is to play both sides and never let the House Guests see what your strategy is. In a recent episode, things didn’t go so well for Talavera when she hooked up with a fellow House Guest and gave all of the graphic details to two women she thought were her friends. One proves to be conspiring with Talavera’s hookup.

3. Hookup with Jack Matthews

In a recent episode of “Big Brother”, Talavera shocked fans of the show when she hooked up with House Guest and willingly shared the details with two other House Guests. Matthews is not exactly a fan favorite and it turns out he may be conspiring with one of Talavera’s “friends”. Fans of Talavera were truly shocked when she spilled graphic details of her encounter with Jake Matthews to Christie Murphy and Holly Allen. In a recent episode of “Big Brother”, Talavera sparked controversy when she hooked up with housemate and fellow contestant, Jack Matthews. Matthews, a fitness trainer from Tampa Florida, has already sparked controversy over comments he’s made on and off camera. Fans of the show are displeased that he made what appeared to be a racist comment about contestant Kemi Fakunle, a market strategist, and an offensive comment about Jessica Milagros, a plus sized model. After sleeping with Matthews, Talavera went into graphic detail about him with housemates Christie Murphy and Holly Allen. Boutique owner, Murphy has been seen on camera conspiring with Matthews against the other “Big Brother” contestants.

4. Matthews, Not a Fan Favorite

Jack Matthews, a fitness trainer from Tampa, Florida, has upset fans of “Big Brother” with his on and off camera comments. Producers of the show even had to step in and warn Matthews to be careful of what he says. Matthews allegedly made a racist comment about Kemi Fakunle as he walked away from the cameras. He has blatantly made insensitive comments to other House Guests about his treatment of Jessica Milagros, a plus sized model. Some “Big Brother” fans started a petition on Change.org to have Jack Matthews evicted.

5. Grew up in Southern California

Analyse Talavera was born on March 10, 1997 and grew up in Northridge, California. Her tight knit family includes parents, Roy and Stacy, sisters Jessica and Faith, and brother Giancarlo. Growing up, Analyse loved fashion, clothes and shopping. In fact, at one time, she thought for sure that she would go to fashion school and become a fashion designer. Her career path changed while in high school at Notre Dame High School in Northridge. She always played soccer but it became her true passion in high school.

6. High School Soccer

While a student at Notre Dame High School, Analyse Talavera became passionate about soccer and would later pursue it in college. She was named her high school team’s Most Valuable Offensive Player in 2012 and 2013. In addition to her high school team, Analyse played soccer for the Simi Valley Eclipse, a club soccer team. The team was successful with Analyse as a player. The Simi Valley Eclipse won the Surf Cup in 2012 and League Cups in 2011, 2012 and 2014. Talavera also played volleyball at Notre Dame High School.

7. College

Analyse Talavera was scouted by several universities to play college soccer. She was recruited by Cal State University San Marcos, Cal State University Northridge, Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, and South Carolina State University as well as the University of Nevada Reno. She opted to attend the University of Nevada in Reno to play on the Women’s Soccer Team and study Community Health Sciences. Talavera graduated from the University of Nevada this past May only to head straight to the “Big Brother” House. Talavera was among 75 University of Nevada athletes to graduate this year.

8. College Soccer

Analyse Talavera began her college soccer career slowly but ended up helping her team score victories. When she began her college soccer career at the University of Nevada in 2015, Talavera did not get any field time her Freshman year. Her Sophomore year, she played on the field a total of three minutes. By her Junior year, Talavera was playing more regularly. She was on the field during 10 matches as scored her first goal during the first season. By her Senior year, Talavera played in 14 matches and lettered in college soccer.

9. Fun Facts

In her “Big Brother” Bio, Analyse Talavera describes herself as “funny, outgoing, and confident”. She also states that she likes to hang out with her friends, tan at the beach and shop. She admits to needing her morning cup of coffee to get going, crying during sad commercials, and eating cheeseburgers with ketchup. Talavera also states in her “Big Brother” bio that she believes in good luck and collects pennies that are laying on the ground face up for that purpose.

10. She Lives in Simi Valley

After graduating from the University of Nevada in May of this year, Analyse Talavera returned to Southern California before joining the contestants on “Big Brother”. Once the show is completed, Talavera intends to live in Simi Valley, California, hopefully with the $500,000 prize. While on “Big Brother”, Talavera admits to not liking being isolated from the world’s news and her family. She especially misses her dog Fergie.

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