Andi Mack Review: The Real Reason Bex Left Andi

Andi Mack

The only tense relationship on Andi Mack has been between new mom Bex and her mother CeCe. Bex simultaneously respects and resents CeCe for taking over as Andi’s mother. CeCe thinks that Bex is irresponsible. They both have their own versions of what lead to Bex leaving Andi with her parents. Truth be told, they both have their own versions of their entire relationship. But what was the moment that actually convinced Bex to leave?

Let’s be clear that Bex leaving was probably inevitable as the tension at home ha been building for a long time. As much as Bex loved Andi, she wasn’t ready to be her mom. When Andi called CeCe “Momma”, Bex realized that. Andi was a baby, it’s not as if she knew any better. She did know that Andi would be safe with CeCe, and that’s all that mattered. What was truly remarkable was CeCe’s reaction to the story finally being told. She tells her daughter, “That was an incredible sacrifice you made. I don’t think I could have.” These are words that Bex has been waiting to hear for 13 years. They come with a catch though. Bex is now officially Andi’s mom, which means she has to make all of the tough calls. CeCe isn’t going to have to tell Andi about selling their childhood home, Bex is. If Bex couldn’t bear to hurt Andi when she was a baby, how in the world is she supposed to deliver this blow?

Cyrus and Buffy spend the day opening up to new experiences. Buffy spends some time playing cards with an old lady, and realizes two things. The first is that she could be a card shark like this woman in 50 or 60 years. The second is that, as much as Buffy likes winning, she loves her friends more. Much to his delight, Cyrus spends the day with Jonah. He is over the moon when Jonah asks if they can be Skateboard Buddies, but that dream quickly dies when Cyrus goes too fast and breaks his thumb. At least Cyrus has the experience to go with his pain medication.

Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 4 Review: "Mama"


Andi Mack flashes back to the day Bex left Andi with her parents.

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