Angelina Jolie Once Tried to Hire a Hitman to Kill Her

You might think that Angelina Jolie really didn’t like herself if she had to resort to hiring a hitman to kill herself. This happened quite a few years ago when she’d married Billy Bob Thornton and was still known as one of the oddities of Hollywood. She was in a dark place back then apparently and had contemplated suicide for a while, but she didn’t want the stress of such a thing to wreak havoc on her family. So she contacted a hitman and asked to take out a contract on herself. Don’t ask where she found the hitman since it’s likely that this is another secret within Hollywood that many people would like to remain on the down low. But surprisingly, or not, the hitman decided to talk her out of it and eventually Jolie came to her senses.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

Her reasoning seems kind of sound in a way but not entirely well thought since suicide does in fact do a lot of damage to a family, but a murder can do just the same. It’s especially brutal with murder when you have to think about who did it, why haven’t they been caught yet, and of course the most important question of why. Jolie even stated that the hitman spoke very sweetly to her and convinced her to take a month to think about things and then think about it. Jolie took the month and when things started to go better for her the planned suicide became less of a thought. It doesn’t seem like many hitmen would talk themselves out of a job, but apparently they do have heart.

But it took all of a month for her to figure out that she had something worth living for, which is something that doesn’t entirely gel to be honest. People that live with depression don’t just snap out of it, but a month is a fairly long process when you’re living with depression. Each day can feel like a month, and a month can feel like a year or more. But really this almost sounds like she wasn’t truly thinking things over but was instead trying to find the easy way out. Getting someone to kill you might be easier than taking your own live but the collateral damage is just as bad. I kind of wonder if she looks back on that now and wonders about what might have happened.

Jolie’s stardom has kind of waxed and waned over the years depending on what kind of movie she’s starring in, what’s in the tabloids, and of course what fans want to think about her. Personally I thought she was gorgeous when I was younger and on her good days I still do. But it really seems like she got played out early on in her career, meaning that she did too much too soon and didn’t spread her roles out for a prolonged period of time that would have allowed her to pace herself.

I’m not even sure if you could call ordering a hit on yourself as a cry for help or just a wordless, meaningless cry.

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