Anger Management To Be Charlie Sheen’s “Acting” Swan Song

To hear him tell it, once Anger Management is over, we’ll never see Charlie Sheen’s face grace a screen, be it big or small, again.

At least that’s what he told The New York Times in a recent interview. What he really meant was that he was hanging up his acting hat and walking into the sunset to live life as a normal person.

My reaction to that was when was the last time Charlie Sheen played a role other than Charlie Sheen? From 2003 to 2011 he played a guy who seemed pretty much like himself on Two and a Half Men, only nicer and minus the porn stars and illegal drugs. After all, there was a kid in the house. Wait, that doesn’t seem to matter much in real life…but things like that do matter on a network sitcom darn it!

It didn’t seem to me he did much acting at all. He showed up, played a less wild version of himself, went home, let loose, then went back to work and did it all again. Until he got sick of playing nice and wanted to shout about WINNING and Tiger’s Blood! Since those things didn’t fit into Charlie Harper’s life as easily as they did Charlie Sheen’s, he was fired.

Self assured and winning like he was, he took himself on the road, again playing himself, but with some extra crass behavior added in and the audience wasn’t as kind. He was booed off the stage. Somehow, somewhere, this entire experience gave FX the idea to let Charlie play himself again in Anger Management. At least that’s how it appears with what little has been released of the show so far. Charlie, being Charlie, trying to reel in his fans by being himself, making fun of himself, lying in a coffin, saying everyone should get a 24th chance. Ha ha, so funny. Finally, some actual episode clips are emerging. Can you tell the difference between Charlie Goodson and Charlie Harper?

It appears as if Charlie Harper came back to life as a therapist. He’s sitting back, wisecracking and swilling beer in rather familiar looking attire. Wait. Even I’m getting confused. Charlie Harper didn’t come back to life, Charlie Sheen is just “acting” again. As himself without the nasty.

Here’s where the song gets interesting. FX agreed to ten episodes up front. If they meet a certain threshold, they’ll give them a back 90, to achieve 100 episodes in a two year window. Two years to syndication. All by playing himself in a more modest setting than his real life. Can you imagine a better gig than that? Then think about the fact that there is still a chance he could muck it up. I’ll take my 24th chance please, with a two year rider to syndication and my sunset waiting in the distance. Acting may be in his blood, but his true blood – his tiger’s blood – is winning by merely being Charlie Sheen.

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