Anthony Scaramucci Out as White House Communications Director

When you first read this you might actually think it’s a joke but it’s not.  No seriously, it’s not.  In what feels like was approximately 16 seconds, Anthony Scaramucci has already been removed from his post as White House communications director (11 days technically).   It’s shame because I was really looking forward to seeing Mario Cantone doing more of him on television.  According to PBS this is how it all started:

“In last 15 minutes we have heard from multiple sources Anthony Scaramucci is out White House Communications Director — Welcome to the high velocity world of political news!” PBS Vice President, News & Public Affairs Marie Nelson said in the best TCA panel intro – ever — as reporters in the hall broke into applause.

And, in maybe the most hilarious tweet of Trump administration coverage o date, Costa tweeted that Trump and his family did not appreciate how Scaramucci’s obscene interview had “linked them to vulgarity”:

There are no words for this. Seriously, there are no words.  It’s absolutely comical for the word “vulgarity” being the reason for the ousting.  This is man who effectively alienated his family which led to his wife recently filing for divorce as well as selling his multi-million dollar business just to get into the White House.  He should have known that nothing, and I mean nothing is impossible in a Donald Trump administration.

I’d report more details on this story but honestly, do we even need them?  The New York Times interview spoke for itself.


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